Monochrome in Navy + A Little Gold | My Two Shoe Phases

I talked about my two shoe phases on Instagram last week, which are:
(1) Sneakers all day errrday, and
(2) Nope no sneakers for a while please NONE thanks.

I feel like there should be Phase 3 — something like an extra "ideal phase" where I'd take turn wearing sneakers one day and non-sneaker shoes the next so I won't have time to "miss" anything — but the reason there isn't another phase is I really am oddly usually either in Phase 1 OR Phase 2 exclusively.

      I'm currently very much in Phase 2 right now which is evident from my ten most recent outfit posts or so (the hypothetical airport outfit is an exception as I was trying to depict my usual very real-life airport outfit) but I can feel myself tethering at the very end of that phase.

      While I wait for my official entry into Phase 1 (dramatic much), I want to share with you this almost-monochrome outfit I wore recently featuring non-sneaker block-heel pumps, my classic boxy oversized blazer and floral print pants.

        See: The blazer with Adidas floral print maxi skirt and with my favourite two-toned undone-hem jeans

        The reason I talked about shoe phases in this post is I seriously considered putting on one of my Adidas sneakers under all that navy blue. However, since I really wanted to showcase the little golden bag I got from Dubai's Textile Souk (bought alongside this rainbow bejewelled baby), I decided to opt for the more matchy gold pumps.

        I personally would still wear sneakers with this outfit — albeit with a different bag — to achieve a whole different super casual vibe. But what do you think of a potential sneakers + blazer + wide-legged pants pairing?

        Wearing: Mango oversized blazer  |  Topshop t-shirt  |  Mango floral pants  |  H&M block heel shoes  |  Gold bag from Textile Souk, Dubai  |  Lovisa earrings

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        1. You look just stunning in this monochromatic navy Liyana!!! I think you made a beautiful choice in styling the outfit with the blint of gold tone shoes and that sweet/pretty little bag. You have captured understated elegance with your look.
          Those floral pants are GORGEOUS!!! I have difficulty pictuing them with a sneaker... but you've surprised me before with a novel combination! :-):-):-) Love, Jude

          1. Dear Judy,

            I apologise for not replying earlier, I took a much needed break towards the end of Ramadhan and for Eid.

            Very glad you like this getup. It's rare for me to get described with the word "elegance" so I'm happily letting it soak in!

        2. You are one chic lady! I really love the different pair of shoes you utilized for this outfit even though you know I would also LOVE the sneaker-and-anything pairing. And of course, your glam hand-carry bag. I just love the details. The shots of you with the green in the background are so stunning. I never appreciate navy blue as a color but I kept looking to check out your pants. Gorgeous detailing and you never fail to slay! <3

          1. Thank you Shanaz! <3 So, this is weird, but navy blue is one of my favourite colours when it comes to clothes. Trust me, I KNOW how boring the colour can be and how weird it is to like the colour so much but I think the colour somehow flatters me, more than black does!


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