Nicknamed so because if I were a Sith Lord in the Star Wars universe, this dress would be a part of my evil uniform.

    I brushed off this dress when I pulled it out of a rack in Zara — barely gave it a second glance, really. So if anyone is questioning how this dress even ended up in my closet, it was purely the result of Shah making one interesting observation: "Doesn't that dress look like something Kylo Ren would wear?"

    Honestly, Shah got me at "Kylo".

      My preference for the dress increased exponentially after I saw myself in it in the fitting room. But really, even if I ended up liking it averagely I cannot not buy it, especially after Shah, who rarely paid attention to what I chose when I shopped as he always had his nose glued onto the Star Wars Battle game on his iPhone, convinced me to get it. Always good to have an extra fresh pair of eyes when you're hunting in the sales!

      I must also mention that I am thankful that he quit the game recently since he's proven to be an asset in my shopping excursions — although he might rue his decision to quit the next time I make him pick out outfits for me, so I should probably take things slow with him......

        The dress came with a belt so I'm already looking forward to styling it differently the next time it appears on this blog (ideas are welcomed!). 

        Wearing: Zara dress  |  Padini jeans  |  Mango ballet flats (last seen with Shah's chambray shirt)  |  Uniqlo socks  |  Glass Line sling bag  |  Lovisa tassel hoop earrings

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