Eid al-Fitr 2018 Outfit: Dramatic Kimono-inspired Red Abaya Dress

I really meant it when I said I had virtually no time to shop for my Eid outfit, so thankfully I had this super dramatic red abaya dress to fish out from my closet. It has been sitting in my closet for at least four years, just waiting for the right time to make its (re)entry into my life.

Although...in all honesty, it's a tad 
too dramatic, I might have a hard time figuring out when and where I could wear it to next, guys, oop.

I remember wanting the abaya so bad not only because of its delightfully vibrant red hue (my favourite colour!) but also for its detailed neckline that resembles the fold-over part of kimono — only it's a delightful detail hidden from your sight underneath my hijab, unfortunately.

When it came to accessorising, thankfully everything came together pretty easily. The floral scarf and the bright pink mules were already in my possession and seemed to go with the abaya, so the only purposeful purchase that I got exclusively for this year's Eid was the red earrings, bought the day before Eid itself when I sneaked to the nearest mall for a bit.

Basically, my Eid outfit philosophy this year: throw everything that's in the same family colour, add in an "off" colour amidst the monochromes (pink + red is such a fab colour combo right now anyway) and hope for the best!

If only every Eid outfit could involve as little effort as this one, but I no longer have any other special abaya or traditional wear stowed in my closet. I guess I'll need to just plan way ahead for my next Eid!

On another note: absolutely looking forward to re-wearing the earrings and mules again in a regular outfit for this blog soon 

Wearing: Super old abaya dress from a now-defunct stall in Subang Parade  |  Niichi long-sleeved black dress  |  Mango mules  |  Lovisa earrings  |  Swatch Queen of Heart, Alice In Wonderland series watch  |  Bangles from a touristy place in Shanghai

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  1. Oh my Liyana!! You are GORGEOUS in this dramatic red and pink look!! I'm sure that your Eid celebration ending Ramadan is a perfect occasion on which to go for a dramatic abaya.
    Have you been taking a bit of a break crlm blogging during Ramadan? I feel like I've not seen a post from you for awhile? I hope your most blessed holiday was all that you hoped for my friend. Love, Jude

    1. I'm happy you like this look Judy! <3 I had a wonderful, WONDERFUL Eid, thank you! We celebrate Eid for one month over here but I'm back at my "second home", four and a half hours away from family and friends, so sadly I am not able to join in on the continued festivities as much as I'd like to.

      Yes I have not been able to update as much as usual due to the extra back-and-forth traveling I had to do during Ramadhan. Now that Shah is back at work we're traveling less but I STILL don't take photos as much as I want to! Hoping to get a break soon though xo

  2. Girl, I don't know if you know but you look absolutely stunning in this red and pink OOTD for Eid. I never thought of wearing the two colors together as I'm already shy about wearing red on most days. But it's such a rad color! I love how you embrace the bold colors and made them look super demure in this getup. Must be the flowiness of the kimono style dress. You have no idea how much I look forward to seeing you styling up the earrings and mules in another outfit so I can appreciate them better. Hope your Eid was amazing! By the way, looking at you wearing red is making me want to wear some red! Thank you for inspiring, love. I know I'm always saying it but I get excited seeing your outfits when I stop by here. So, the dramatic one is me! Hehehe

    1. I never would have worn red and pink together if I didn't see pics of people attending fashion week wearing the combo. It's weird how red + pink would have been considered a fashion disaster way back when, isn't it?

      Oh babe you would look amazing in red! I'll look forward to seeing a fiery red look on your blog in the near future =D


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