What is it about suits that I like so much? Other than the fact that putting one on immediately makes me feel like I'm already all dressed up?
(And also, kind of cool?)

I don't know the whys but I do know I have an exceptionally soft spot for suits at the moment — or any matching tops and pants, really, and by the way: I talk about this a lot.

I may have gotten another suit but now I'm thinking I in dire need of another Tim Burton-inspired tee as I'm wearing this one pretty much to death — and here I use "to death" very much on purpose and in irony, considering it's Beetlejuice.

    Seriously, I wear it so much that even Shah, who can barely remember a pair of shoes I got last month after repeatedly asking for his opinion on them in store ("Where did you get those shoes from?") asked me was I really wearing my Beetlejuice t-shirt again?

    Not by choice, honey, not by choice. If only discovering Tim Burton-related tees is a constant happening...

    Wearing: H&M plaid blazer  |  H&M plaid pants  |  Cotton On "Beetlejuice" t-shirt  |  Adidas Superstar slip-ons  |  Lovisa "sun & moon" earrings

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