Just Another Plaid Suit

What is it about suits that I like so much? Other than the fact that putting one on immediately makes me feel like I'm already all dressed up?
(And also, kind of cool?)

I don't know the whys but I do know I have an exceptionally soft spot for suits at the moment — or any matching tops and pants, really, and by the way: I talk about this a lot.

I may have gotten another suit but now I'm thinking I in dire need of another Tim Burton-inspired tee as I'm wearing this one pretty much to death — and here I use "to death" very much on purpose and in irony, considering it's Beetlejuice.

    Seriously, I wear it so much that even Shah, who can barely remember a pair of shoes I got last month after repeatedly asking for his opinion on them in store ("Where did you get those shoes from?") asked me was I really wearing my Beetlejuice t-shirt again?

    Not by choice, honey, not by choice. If only discovering Tim Burton-related tees is a constant happening...

    Wearing: H&M plaid blazer  |  H&M plaid pants  |  Cotton On "Beetlejuice" t-shirt  |  Adidas Superstar slip-ons  |  Lovisa "sun & moon" earrings

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    1. OK my friend, this one is suitable for Vogue!! You look so sophisticated! Also, your accessories are absolutely cool and that includes the Beetlejuice t-shirt!! The scarf in that bold sunflower yellow is genius with the very subdued tonal plaid of the suit. You knocked this look out of the park Liyana! Love, Jude

      1. I'm truly flattered by every sweet compliments you just gave me! Just wow. THANK YOU Judy <3 <3 <3 I loved wearing this outfit and it makes me so happy to know you like it too xxoo

    2. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Always here for a suit.

    3. I love your suit-up looks and this one is just awesome with a dash of rock and sportiness. I cannot get over how BAWSE you look in this outfit! But can we please get your secret about wearing suits in high humidity Malaysia? I can't even wear like a plain old long dress without it raining sweat under it but that could be because of my inner thermostat but let's not go there. I admire your style and this is another one of your outfits that make me pause and scroll up and down and up and down. :O AMAZED!

      1. The secret is: we (Shah and I) make sure the photoshoot is a very quick one and once it's done we'd IMMEDIATELY dart into an air-conditioned space! Usually we'd go back into our car and blast the air-conditioning full-blast, hahaha! But luckily when I wore ridiculously warm things like this suit and had to walk around a bit outdoors, they were always overcast days, so that made it bearable. I know how ridiculous it sounds, but for "fashunnn", sometimes anything goes!

        Thank you for your sweet kind words Shanaz, as always <3


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