Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do, perhaps you remember me getting down to business and asking my Instagram friends to hypothetically choose between a pink glittery lips-shaped bag and a rainbow box bag?

Although the lips bag received some love — thankfully so, as I had bought it before posing the question — most of the peeps who sweetly took the time to answer preferred the rainbow bag, which resulted in me zooming right back to the shop to get this rainbow confectionary.

    As for my garb, this black knot caftan dress was perfect for a long day of open houses and a wedding; dark + flowy + super roomy make one very forgiving dress for the inevitable food bump that resulted from all the delish Eid food! I've had it for agesss, bought from H&M when I was in Tokyo years ago. For the sake of modesty, the short-sleeved open-front dress was worn layered on top of the very same black pleated Uniqlo dress I wore with my glittery boots.

    I thought the all-black was the perfect canvas for this rainbow bag, which coincidentally goes pretty well with the bright pink mules I had worn on Eid. I don't usually go matchy-matchy when it comes to shoes + bag + hijab but it was absolutely necessary here, don't you think?

        Wearing: H&M caftan dress  |  Uniqlo pleated dress  |  Aldo rainbow box bag  |  Mango pink mules  |  Lovisa pom pom earrings  |  Swatch "Alice In Wonderland's Cheshire Cat" watch

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