The Long White Shirt I Couldn't Figure Out How To Wear Since 2015/16 - Until Now

We're encouraged to edit out the items in your closet (and life in general) to keep things in check, but you can already tell from the title of this post that I'm not known for my stellar skillz of spring-cleaning my closet. It's just that a small number of items — I promise, it's minuscule — are REALLY hard to let go of, you know?

I remember discovering this long white shirt with its see-through lower half at Shibuya 109 in Tokyo, either in late 2015 or early 2016, thinking, "Wow this piece could complement SO many of my modest outfits". I was already imagining a few outfits with it in my head, holding the hanger in my hand.

Except I went back to my Tokyo apartment, tried on my first imagined outfit excitedly and saw that "Huh, this doesn't look cute after all". Neither did the second nor the third hypothetical outfit I planned.

I cannot tell you how many times in Malaysia I took this out of my closet to try out a new outfit idea with it, only to hang it on the rack again because it didn't look right.

    A while ago I told myself ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and forced the white shirt to work, trying my best to draw inspiration from the street-style scene in Tokyo I witnessed back then, which if I remember correctly was a whole lot of layering of oversized on oversized on oversized on MORE oversized casual effortless goodness.

    See: The first time I wore the Coca-cola clutch

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, was the result — which I actually liked enough to wear out for a whole day out, and managed to shoot before sunset under a little rain (hence, the wet spots on me head to toe and that shield action pose that shielded me from nothing).

    •     •     •     •     •     •     •

    Let me know what you think of this outfit, and for the love of style PLEASE share how YOU would wear this long white shirt!
    (Or, even better, how you see me wearing it!)

    Wearing: Mango denim jacket  |  Long white shirt from Shibuya 109  |  Ciaopanic black culottes  |  Socks from Shibuya  |  Mango women's oxford shoes  |  Coca-cola clutch from Shibuya 109  |  Cotton On cat-eye sunglasses

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    bohemian pom pom denim jacket and the oxford shoes:
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      1. You're adorable in this outfit Liyana!
        SO COOL!!!
        I love the layers and the snazzy socks.
        Perfection as always.

        1. Thank you, Samantha! I am VERY happy this outfit is Samantha-approved (and that you actually think it's cool, wow!).

      2. This definitely works Liyana! I'm thinking that the shirt would also work over jeans in a similar fashion. How about with a beige pair of cropped pants? I love white and beige.
        I WANT that darling embellished jean jacket!!! I also love the combination of those cute striped stockings with the black patent shoes which create such a cool illusion of very unique straps on the shoes.
        I have items like this in my closet too Liyana. They present us with little challenges to our creativity and we simply MUST solve the puzzle of their styling. You did well! :-) Love, Jude

        1. Yesss I'm glad you think it works!
          Those socks are one of my favourite pairs ever, I've had them since my Japan years and I have this fear of ripping them - which, they will I'm sure, someday, but hopefully not too soon though, as I haven't found a replicate pair!

          I only have one beige pants and they're more like palazzo pants. I didn't even have white jeans until a few weeks ago. I'm always in awe of people who wear all white or all beige because I worry about staining so much. But now that you mentioned beige pants, I think I WOULD like to try this white shirt with my beige pants!

          I think this shirt is one of the most challenging items I own in my closet, but this might be the only one I want to keep!

      3. I have something like this as well. It's also long and has a sheer back. A loose collared high-low beige shirt that I don't know how to style and I wore it maybe twice and still felt confused when I wore it. Hahah. But yours, on the other hand, is styled so expertly and I think this could be worn with many of your cropped flares with your layered looks so the tail end can do the peek-a-boo like you do it here. If you hadn't told us that this long shirt was the hardest to style, I would think in the meme format: Liyana woke up like this! You look edgy, chic and please insert other descriptive words relevant to your style vocab. And those shoes with the socks got my eyeballs at hello! So eye-catching and I did a few takes to understand what was going on heheh

        1. I'm still clueless as to how this shirt next though ahhh.

          Your beige shirt sounds intriguing, have you blogged about it before? I'd love to have a peek!

          You're right, the peek-a-boo is the best way to go with this shirt isn't it? And with cropped flares, yesss, I'll look into that.


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