Cat-Ears Glasses

I hear so much talk on cat-eye sunglasses and even glasses, but let's not neglect their adorable ears either, shall we?

I have this delightful pair of cat-ear sunglasses from Tokyo so for when it came the time for me to switch the frames of my glasses, why not go for a cat-ear-inspired one as well? As subtle as they were, I thought these gold-rimmed "ears" were such a unique detail.

Do you like them as much as I do?

    On a similar note: do any of you glasses-wearers experience strained eyes? It's a constant problem for me, resulting from my eye prescription (or eye "power") steadily declining over the years. As good as that sounds, the eye strain is, in one word, annoying, plus it's definitely affecting my quality of life!

    Usually after switching to a new eye prescription, the strain problem is averted for about a year but I just got these glasses a few months ago and my eyes are back to being strained! I've had my eyes checked by an ophthalmologist right before I got these new glasses made, who confirmed that my eye strain was indeed caused by my old aviator glasses with their too-high prescription.
    Another good news: my eyes seem to be in perfect health if you minus the strain, thank God.

    I'll have to make my way to an optometrist again soon, so we'll see what happens, wish me luck guys!

    Wearing: Edwin men's sweater  |  Mango striped pants (paired with mustard duffle coat previously)  |  Puma hightop sneakers (last seen in 2015 in Tokyo!)

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    1. These are GREAT Liyana! I had to expand the photo to see the cat ears so the subtlety makes them very cool.
      I recently purchased prescription glasses that are specifically tinted for use with device screens. They area supposed to prevent eye strain. Perhaps a solution cor you...
      I see those cute/fun Beetlejuice pants making an appearance here too! :-)
      Love, Jude

      1. Hi Judy! I've missed getting your comments!

        I've always had a thing for cat-ears, so I was very pleased when I saw the design on these particular glasses.

        I think you're talking about the slight yellow tint in glasses that's anti-blue light? Also known as "computer glasses" or "computer lenses"? If that's the one, I started using those years ago hoping they would help with my eye strain but honestly they don't make a big difference to my strain very much at all, it was disappointing. It helped for a while I suppose, but now even when I take a long break from using my laptop (and even reading) the strain is ever persistent. I'm at my wit's end with this problem, sigh. My mom was the one who made me go see the ophthalmologist (it's like I'm not 32 years old) but I might consider getting a second opinion.

        I've been wearing those pants a lot but I think I need to stay away from them for a while, I wash after every wear and I'm worried about them looking worn out!

    2. They're so cute Liyana!
      I LOVE your striped jeans... mine died a death last jean and I've been looking for a new pair.
      Can you recommend these?

      1. Thank you, Samantha! <3

        I got my striped pants from Mango ages ago but I actually saw the very same ones in the current sale! (Almost bought another pair as a backup...) I checked Mango's UK site but could only locate the pants' "sister" striped pants (the ones where the stripes are a lot thinner) but hopefully the ones I'm wearing are available in their physical store, if you have one near you.

    3. Your glasses are so cute! I hope you will get your eyes checked out again...perhaps the doctor can advice on something. My sis wears glasses and works on the computer a lot, so strained eyes can also mean that you should give those pretty eyeballs a break and some spa so that they can relax perhaps. :) xoxo

      1. I too hope my eye problem will get sorted out soon. They get extra strained when I binge-reading as well (I'm on the Crazy Rich Asians series at the mo!). I do try to take computer breaks (my mom's orders, haha!) and it does help.


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