How Wearing Different Accessories Can Set Your Outfit's Tone

It amazes me how changing up the styling of the same outfit can transform the entire vibe of a look. Case in point: I wore the same exact birds of paradise print babydoll top and its matching split side skirt to the F1 Sepang qualifying day last year, pairing them with silver earrings, aviator shades and brown sugar Chloe Marcie Mini (plus heavier makeup) back then — pretty much a completely different vibe than this colourful, more casual styling, right?

    I like this colourful look with the rainbow box bag (that I badly coveted) and the kitschy "Proud Supporter Of Cereal For Dinner" socks just fine. In all honesty though, I much prefer the more streamlined look of my F1 look over this one.

    That aside, the point is I'm firmly reminding myself that the pieces in my closet are really more versatile than I think — and so are yours and anyone else's when the accessories are swapped, or added and/or subtracted.

    It's true what they said: accessories can make or break your outfit.

      On that note, which look do you prefer: my F1 look with the tan things + silver, or this rainbow + black look?

      Wearing: H&M birds of paradise print babydoll top & split-side skirt  |  Aldo rainbow box bag  |  Adidas Superstar slip-ons  |  Typo "Proud Supporter Of Cereal For Dinner" socks

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          1. Accessories really can define a look and a mood for that matter. I like both looks actually and that little purse is devine comedy! I'm wondering if the shoe choice sets the 50% of the scene here? Love, Jude

            1. I think it's the sneakers too - and I love sneakers for that! Like pairing a pantsuit with sneakers as opposed to heels, right? I suppose that's why I own too many sneakers...

          2. I own way too many myself Liyana. I've always loved them! Jude

          3. You are such a darling! I don't know why but I just love perusing every picture and immersing myself in your witty words and carefree pictures. Thank you for always inspiring, Liyana. What you said about accessorizing is so FASHUNN! And you are the queen of accessorizing to perfection - I love your choices <3 :D

            1. Oh my God, Shanaz, your words mean A LOT to me. I can't help but question what I do on this blog from time to time (I'm only human after all) but getting a kind, thoughtful comment such as yours here makes me determined to go on. Thank you for making my day babe xxxooo


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