I Was In Jakarta!

Normally when I visited a special place I'd update you guys here on Affordorable while still currently in that place. However, since I didn't bring my laptop there but still am inclined to share: I spent the recent weekend in Jakarta, Indonesia!

I've been to Bali — Shah hasn't, though — but this was the first major urban city in Indonesia I visited. It was Shah's birthday weekend and we wanted to travel somewhere, only we didn't know where "somewhere" is...so instead of firmly choosing ourselves, we randomly typed in different nearby destinations outside of Malaysia on air flight + hotel sites and came out with a destination that makes sense time-wise and financially for us.

People always share their ideas of how a city or even a country is like but Shah and I always want to form our own opinion — we certainly don't expect others to fully share that opinion with us either though.

It turns out the 3-days-2-nights weren't enough for a couple of relaxed travellers (seriously, we're very relaxed) to visit every single place on our list. Honestly, we loved Jakarta more than anticipated; I actually came back with the flu which caused my body to ache (I still haven't fully recovered) but that didn't change how I feel about the city.

We are definitely looking forward to visiting Jakarta again and other parts of Indonesia someday!

Have any of you been to Indonesia before?

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  1. This photo is very special! Jakarta seems like a truly exotic destination and the shrine? temple? you're standing in front of fits my imagined image perfectly!
    I hope your flu is over!! Such a nasty illness poor Liyana! Love, Jude

    1. I thinkkk it's a temple. This was in a place where they fit ALL the cultures of the different parts of Indonesia in one tourist-y place, so I'm not even sure if it was a functioning place of worship - although it might be, because there is also a small mosque for Muslims to pray in that place and it IS functioning. Indonesia is so huge so I think it's wonderful how they kind of squeeze everything in one place for convenience, we get to experience bits of Indonesia in one day!

      Thank you for your kind concern my dear Judy, thankfully I'm SO much better now <3


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