Green Floral Dress & Aqua Chandelier Earrings | A Photo-Ready Modest Hijabi Travel Wear

You know what is a real challenge for hijabis when they travel overseas where it's hot and humid? Planning outfits that are not only modest, but suitable for the touristy action of walking around under the hot sun where sweat trickling down your back is inevitable, where darting into an air-conditioned area at any time is not an option?

I'm actually starting to think packing for winter is easier than it is for tropical weather, I can't believe it myself.
    Thankfully I had stowed away some pieces for......well, I didn't know what exactly, but my trip to Jakarta called for them! Aside from the red-orange kimono robe from the last post, this green (teal-green? Can't quite pinpoint the shade) floral-print dress was another perfect choice. It has a rather large keyhole neckline hidden underneath my hijab here — you might be able to spot the "ribbons" I let loose instead of tying the keyhole — but I always layer a thin cotton top underneath anyway, to absorb, you know, anything that needs to be absorbed.
    PS: Sorry, sweat is really not sexy to talk about, is it?
    If it didn't have split-sides I would've just worn a long cotton dress underneath but some sort of pants were needed here, and as much as I'd have liked to wear cotton pants, I don't have any cotton pair that is cute enough to wear underneath (food for thought, hmmm) so I went with the usual suspect: jeans!
    Just like the ombre drop earrings in my kimono robe post, these aqua chandelier earrings were a 100% bought to be paired with this green dress; it gives me a buzz when I find the perfect pair of earrings for an outfit.
      Can you imagine walking around in a 33-degree-Celcius + 70% humidity weather wearing what I wear here? Non-hijabis probably feel hot just looking at this outfit (very much understandably so!) but this really was the ideal outfit for me: weather-appropriate (for a hijabi, that is), plus I looked photo-ready which is always the goal!
      These shots were taken in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. If you ever visited Jakarta, I absolutely recommend you visiting this interesting beautiful place as it really felt like the many different cultures of Indonesia squeezed into one place, albeit a huge one where walking from one end to the other is not an option; we actually had to rent a scooter to go around the entire place, which was a challenge for me as I'm really not a fan of motorbikes.
      (Plus all the getting-on-getting-off action ripped my dress a little bit at the seam, but it's easily fixed, no worries.)
      •     •     •     •     •     •     •
      Thank you for reading, I hope you like this outfit like I do 

      Wearing: Mango dress |  Monki jeans  |  Lovisa chandelier earrings  |  Aldo bag  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

      Click each image below to go to older posts featuring the green pom pom bag & the cat-face jeans underneath my green dress:
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        1. I'm loving the colours here Liyana!
          SO pretty... and those cute pom poms :o)
          I'm looking for trousers to wear under dresses when the thermometer falls but I always get tummy bulk and an unsightly bulge. Not a good look!

          1. Thank you Samantha <3

            I know what you mean about the bulky front part of pants, especially the ones with zipper! Really, when I was choosing the jeans to go with this dress that was my MAIN concern because even though this dress is not tight it's still fitted.

            These Monki jeans pair gives me the least bulge because it's high-waisted and more importantly has very minimal stretch (so the zipper doesn't stretch sideways and protrude). But high-waisted pants (and high-waisted underwear, too) with zipper at the back or at the side works for me as well!

            I hope you find some good pants to go under dresses soon for autumn/winter, I'm hoping to find some myself too!

        2. I want to steal this dress I love it so much!! The colors in floral print are so vibrant and I like the openness (?) of the print. Your hijab/ scarf is the perfect choice!!
          Some smart, young, fashionable, hijabi with an entrepreneurial spirit (YOU!) should design a slip like, pant, undergarment made from a very light weight, moisture wicking fabric. For versatility the bottom 4 inches of each leg could be made of a different fabric and replicate skinny or flared jeans, tapered, tailored pants, leggings, whatever!!! What do you think???
          Love, Jude

          1. I love this dress too! I actually think I understand what you meant by "openness" as well, like the fact that we see a lot of the aqua but the floral print is bold and out-there too.

            Judy, believe it or not I'm always saying to Shah how I wish I have an entrepreneurial girlboss mind, but I am very much laidback in that sense; it's probably why I chose not to work to be a full-time homemaker, in fact I love having as little responsibilities as possible. I haven't met anyone else like me to be honest. I've always admired businesswomen and I love reading about successful women stories but creating a business is simply not in my nature. Sometimes I do wish I have the drive though, I have to admit I ALWAYS daydream about creating my own clothes because there are many pieces that are perfect in my head but just not on the market. I suppose never say never...?

        3. Always gorgeous urgh! I understand how that must be a real challenge for you to dress up for the tropics, ahahaa. We have it all year long, every year. I love the green dress with its vibrant florals and of course those earrings got me excited because you know how to nail the matchy-matchy look and still remain effortless. I love the loose shape of the dress and how you made it casual with those shoes. The bag, I am prepared to steal it! Love this so much sweetie! :D xoxo

          1. Most of the times I dress up with this question in mind: do I have to be outdoors, or not? Thankfully we have a lot of air-conditioned spaces in Malaysia! But still, I'll always be on the hunt for oversized maxi dresses.

            I really must appreciate the bag more and wear it more often!


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