The Cutest Round Patterned Wicker Bag

It seems like every other Instagrammer I see on my feed owns a round wicker bag, similar to the one I'm wearing here. Well, I call it "wicker bag" but other people have been known to use many terms to describe this bag (regardless of whether we accurately describe the bag or not, it seems): basket bag, straw bag, rattan bag, raffia bag, and whatever else you've heard.

However you choose to describe the bag is beside the point; it matters more that this summery trend had resurfaced from the days of when our moms and aunties and their friends  — and even their moms and grandmas — were carefree teens carrying such bags for a day at the beach. Now, the trend has penetrated the fashionable street-style scenes and even red carpets.

Its comeback was 2-3 or maybe even more years ago, way before I myself decided to surrender to the trend with the rainbow pom poms straw bag from Singapore a year ago ( it a raffia bag?). In this current time when trends come and go so fast, I'm curious to see how long this trend sticks around.

I have to admit though, this is one sweet fad I hope will survive the test of time, especially after listening to my mom reminiscing about the days when she used to carry the trend herself back in her younger days.

    I wrote on Instagram that a couple of the colourful pom poms had come off my straw bag and while I still had the adorable kitschy "camera" wicker bag, it was a harder bag to match than, say, a plain wicker bag, so one of the goals in my mind when I headed to Jakarta recently was: treat yoself, get a wicker bag!
    And a wicker bag I got.
    Well, OK, I got two.
    OK OK and another straw bag, but to be fair one was a gift for my little sister — one that I fully plan to borrow from her one of these days.
    PS: FYI, she has been notified.

    I had this idea to get a locally-made wicker bag or a basket bag that's made in Indonesia at a local street market somewhere in Jakarta and it would be such an organic find and all — only that didn't quite happen, but not from lack of trying, I promise.
    Instead, I discovered this bag at one of the biggest malls in the city, at this super cool hip shop but hey it does carry plenty of unique items made in Indonesia and by Indonesian designers, so at least I (probably sort of) ticked one of the boxes, right?
    •     •     •     •     •     •     •

    Are you into the trend as well, or is it already a tired one for you?
    Or maybe you think the bags' place is only at the beach? Comment below and share your thoughts!
    Wearing: H&M floral embroidered striped oversized shirt  |  Mango jeans  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Mango earrings  |  Round wicker bag from The Goods Dept., Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta

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    1. I love this trend and have been looking for one that is reasonably priced. I do have one that is SOooo cute and is over 20 years old... It's quite small but now is definitely the time to resurrect it!!
      I love your stripey embroidered shirt Liyana. Love Jude

      1. Won't it be fun to look for old photos of you carrying the bag? You have a great and fun sense of fashion now so I bet you were the same (with a twist, I'm sure) back then too!

    2. I am so into the wicker bag trend. I think it is great for our tropical weather as it is super breathable, roomy and super duper cute. You always slay girl and again, I'm just awed looking at your photos! Love that smile :) xoxo

      1. And we're allowed to wear it all year long, too! Thank you Shanaz <3


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