I've talked about how the placement of statement details on clothing is extra important to a hijabi, so when I saw this blazer with these crazy bloom of ruffles snaking down the sleeves (or more like up, U-turn and down if you look closely), it's basically three words: Meant. To. BE.

Truth be told, this outfit you see here is not how I envisioned I'd style this blazer; in my head, I had paired it with a pair of straight, clean-cut white jeans and mules, with a dark hijab — very simple and straightforward.

But I kept missing the chance to wear this hypothetical outfit, right until my trip to Italy when I thought, "OK Liyana it's time to take the blazer outta the closet and WEAR IT, it's now or never!!!"

PS: I was just being dramatic, obviously, it's actually more like "...it's now or later."

Which means, no, it's not my first choice to wear the blazer for the first time with ripped jeans and sneakers but when you're 10,000 km from home with one large suitcase for a duration of a week, you've got to work with what's in the suitcase. Unlike that time I actually brought a pair of floral mules all the way to Milan, I decided to stick with comfortable sneakers on this trip (with one exception, which I'll share with you guys in a future post, bear with me).

      These photos were shot right next to Duomo di Milano a.k.a. Milan Cathedral, but on the side where there's way less people vying for the best spots for photo-taking. I've actually done a great shoot with the front facade as my background, but come to think of it I have no idea how Shah and I did the shoot as the the square in front of the duomo always has the usual swarm of tourists such as myself, with cameras in hand!

      See the Duomo di Milano post here: Two-toned Black Jeans, New Winter Jacket & Fresh Timberland Boots

      The next time you see this blazer here hopefully it will be exactly how I envisioned it in my head. Can't wait to share with you guys my next Italy outfit, as it's my favourite one of the entire trip!

      Wearing: Zara ruffle blazer  |  Topshop t-shirt  |  Zara ripped jeans  |  Adidas sneakers

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