Some of you might know my affinity for matching top and bottom sets but I have to say, this denim "LOVE" monogram denim set Takes. The. CAKE. It's like something I never knew I wanted, only because I never imagined anything like it.

Aside from matching sets, kimono-inspired tops are a constant appearance in my closet because of its loose cut and modesty factor. But tell me why I never listed "denim kimono top" on my wishlist, guys, because I am baffled.

Coincidentally — greatly coincidental — the day before I planned to wear this out in Milan, I went into & Other Stories (a brand, by the way, that isn't available in Malaysia, whyyy) and saw an almost identical denim kimono top, although plain. Before I found this "LOVE" monogram kimono earlier this year I don't think I've ever spotted a denim kimono, but suddenly on a trip when I'm about to wear my first one ever I saw another one?

So obviously the immediate question that popped into my head was, should I buy it? There was a great tug in my heart saying "But we love denim kimono tops!!!" but my brain was saying "Do we need another denim kimono top, and not to mention, one that's double the price of the original denim kimono top we already own?" to which my heart answered, "But this one's PLAIN, way more versatile!"

    In the end, I must gravely report that my heart almost won — almost, because my Milan trip shopping budget just simply wouldn't allow the price tag of that plain denim kimono top. But no matter, because we LOVE this printed one, don't we?

      This outfit is, hands down, my most favourite out of all of my Milan outfits. I have this idea to pair the denim kimono top with a straight black skirt and black pointy booties (all the while pretending I'm back in Europe, because it sounds like a fancy outfit for my regular Malaysia days) but I know the top will be as versatile in my hijabi wardrobe as I had hoped it'd be.

      By the way, those with eagle eyes may have noticed the mismatched pink and red shoelaces on my also mismatched Stan Smith sneakers (first done with my tiered spotted skirt!). As much as I love me some all-white Stan Smiths, it's just extra fun to switch out the white laces and play mix and match!

      How would you pair the monogram denim kimono top? Would you have worn the matching denim pants together with it?

      Wearing: H&M 'LOVE' monogram tied denim kimono top  |  H&M 'LOVE' monogram denim pants  |  Playnomore bag  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

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