You would think that the fact that I travel relatively a lot would make an expert in packing, won't you?

And, well, you would be sort of right: while not an expert, I am pretty good at it. This is honestly not a brag, but after having travelled to places where one is bound to buy delicate fragile goodies to bring back home for one's self or as gifts (e.g. homewares,  glass bottles, teapots and cups, children's toy), I had to teach myself how to properly fit all the things I arrived with + new goodies in the same luggage bag that was most probably already almost filled to the brim with clothes and shoes and makeup/skincare bags when I departed from home.

Now, while I may be good at fitting things into a luggage, I haven't exactly mastered choosing the right things to pack and to wear on my trips. Usually, I decide which individual pieces I'd like to bring and add other items that I think would match with them, but dressing out of a luggage is never the same as having all options in your closet right in front of you. (Case in point: this ruffles blazer situation.)
Naturally, this has led me to overpack before, with items ended up unworn as my trip ended.

On this recent Italy trip, however, I decided to be firm with myself and pack the exact number of outfits as the number of days of my trip, with the exception of adding a couple of plain t-shirts as backups: 7 days = 7 outfits.

    Ahhh, imagine a travel trip that goes without a hitch, how often does that happen, right? Because I forgot to factor in one tiny detail: the uncertainty of the weather. No, scratch that: the uncertainty of the weather of a place I do not live in, hence, am unable to guess how hot/cool it would be just by looking at the weather forecast.

    As always, I checked the temperatures of the place I would be visiting but living in this hot hot hot humid country gave me the false impression (or false hope, more like) that a mid-twenty degree Celcius temperature overseas would be cooling. But when you've packed a leather jacket for one of the outfits for your trip with no alternative outerwear, and daytime turns out to be're kind of screwed, especially considering you're not of those people who could re-wear dirty used clothes out of desperation. (This is why I do not and never will backpack-travel.)

      So, leather jacket = out of the question. I was due to leave for the French Riviera with not enough outfits so I did what I had to do: dash to one of the stores around Duomo di Milano and get myself something that would make up a decent outfit, and voila, this floral print tied sleeveless dress happened!

      Thank God for that long-sleeved black backup t-shirt though, right?

      I wore this outfit when I was in Arenzano, a beautiful, beautiful little town I stayed in on my way to the south of France. Arenzano is a little spot that was an accidental discovery, and I'm thinking about sharing iPhone pics from this place because I loved it so much, so stay tuned for that post!

      I hope you've enjoyed my recount of this emergency outfit, and hope you like this floral dress too! See you guys soon with my next outfit from the same trip 

      Wearing: H&M t-shirt  |  Bershka floral dress  |  Adidas sneakers

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