Well, this would be purely theoretical for me since tropical Malaysia is not at all experiencing autumn but reliably hot and humid as ever, albeit with a bit more rain lately!

However, having lived overseas and travelled to a few four-season countries, autumn was always my favourite season, with spring coming in a close second. Mid-autumn has to be the best as it would be when the temperature dips low but not low enough to be confused with winter's bite, and the leaves all start to turn into those gorgeous warm hues before shedding to the ground.

Obviously, I'm experiencing major FOMO what with all the fabulous autumnal posts I'm reading (love 'em, keep 'em coming!). But no one says I can't reminisce — and daydream! — about my autumn pasts.

With that, I came up with a way to join your autumn party: dig through my own closet to see what I could wear if I were to sit in a cafe, gazing out into a street lined with trees that are turning brown while sipping a pumpkin spiced latte. (<--- Part of the daydreaming thing I mentioned earlier.)

PS: By the way, PSL has never made its way to this side of the world, so I need to know if it's really all of that, guys? If it's not, what other autumnal beverages do you dig?

Here are the nine things I own that I would utilise this autumn (oh how I wish I could):

1. Blazer

    2. Military Jacket

      3. Cutout Boots

        4. Oversized Denim Jacket

          5. Sock Boots

            6. Sweater Dress

            Read the post: When I wore this sweater dress during 2015 autumn in Tokyo, Japan

            7. Earthy-toned Pieces

              8. Dark Lipstick

                9. Leopard Print

                  Which of these 9 things do you already have in your closet?
                  Which other pieces you already own will you wear this autumn?

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