My family, cousins, uncles and aunties from my dad's side had a cracking fun two-day-one-night gathering on 29-30 December last year at Eagle Ranch Resort in Port Dickson. There were a lot of photos taken during the event but as mentioned in my top 10 2018 outfits post, I want to share some of them with you guys here on this blog.
Be warned; that this is a photo-heavy post, but I hope you guys enjoy checking them out anyway!

My younger brother Hazri at registration (not kidding, we had an actual registration booth) waiting for our family members to arrive
Adorable gift bags waiting for the participants
My nephew Rayyan
Games & telematch time!!!
Any win was worth celebrating!
My babygirl niece Arya
Horsing around with my siblings (next to our dad in red)
My Outfit Of The Day (my Genting Highlands pinstriped ensemble, but with different accessories)
My mom and I honestly did not pre-plan to show up in our matching Adidas tops! (After which I made her pose like this with me)
My cousin and her beautiful baby
Snapping photos of our big extended family
We were all divided into teams; each team was made of up members from every family
Aris' Family, left to right: Fiza my elder sister, Rina my younger sister, Hazri my younger brother, Shah, Arya, Me, Rayyan, my mom a.k.a. Mak, my dad a.k.a. Bapak, Hisham my elder brother
Hazri going around interviewing our cousins (and uncle) with his "microphone (ps: it's a candy packaging that Hazri and Rina used as pretend mic, don't ask me why)
Photo-taking session with the families the next morning after breakfast and swimming!
The boys
The girls
With my cousin Achot who lives minutes away from from me and whom I grew up with
FYI: Hashim is the name of my dad's father, who passed away when I was young. I remember loving him as the grandpa who always gave me coins and candies - which were actually candied lozenges, but I loved receiving them!
We had t-shirts made with "Hashim's Family Day" written on them, with a sketch of our grandparents' house; it's a big two-storey house in Kuala Lumpur that's made up of three homes, which is still occupied by our family
We had a barbecue in the evening after the telematch with loads of barbecued meats and seafood with desserts (we needed them after a hectic gamey afternoon), and a lucky draw afterwards but the photos were unfortunately too dark for me to share here. The two days one night felt short as we all had such a blast, and collectively agreed events like this make us all bond closer as a family. I'm definitely looking forward to more amazing family days like this one! ❤