My Top 10 Favourite Outfits of 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! Did you guys have a blast welcoming in 2019? As always, Shah and I had a lowkey yet fun night in with my family (plus a cat now!), although everyone was a little sleep-deprived as we had just come back from spending a hectic weekend with our cousins and uncles and aunties (might share this "Family Day" event on the blog soon, stay tuned peeps).

It's that time of the year again to round up my favourite outfits of last year. As much as I enjoyed going down the Memory Lane of Past Outfits to see where my taste took my style for the previous 12 months, I kind of dreaded the process of picking out the best 10 favourites; I failed to do so (miserably) in 2016 when I couldn't narrow them down to ten, but, hey I did improve vastly in 2017!

I'm happy to report that I experienced even less difficulty this time around. hindsight, is that actually a good thing? Are my 2018 outfits less attractive than the ones from 2016, when I couldn't cut six out of the 16 I chose?
Am I totally overthinking?
I am, aren't I?

The requirement to qualify as a favourite is simple enough: the outfit has to be one that I would not hesitate to wear again, head-to-toe.

Without further ado, here are my personal top 10 favourite outfits of 2018, in chronological order:

Did you like my picks? Which ones are YOUR favourites?

I hope you'll stick with me through this space (and perhaps give my Instagram a follow too!) as I can't wait to share more outfits this year with you.
Here's to a wonderful, prosperous new year for all of us!


  1. My top favorite is the houndstooth suit with bejeweled shoes.This is followed closely by the houndstooth blazer and high waisted pants. In third place is the sage green pajama suit. I also love the denim kimono set. I LOVE your style my dear!
    I hope you'll post your family New Year's gathering. ( cat and all! :-))
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Shah!! Love Jude

  2. Oops! I forgot to say, I think that the reason you're finding more favorites from 2018 is because you've grown!You're evolving, and becoming more LIYANA!! You seem to be leaning in on sophisticated silhouettes more often.
    This is absolutely NOT to say that you should ever give up your quirky loves. Your Disney, Beetlejuice, fun boots and shoes MJST BE RETAINED!!! I really love that aspect of your style a lot!! Love Jude

    1. That was actually a typo, my post originally said "did my 2018 outfits suck less than 2016" when I should have typed "suck MORE" (I have edited my post). But either way, I think I DID think too much! I'm really happy you had plenty of favourites out of my own favourites, Judy!

      I will try my best to retain my "quirkiness". I do feel like you've described my style evolvement nicely: I HAVE been leaning on streamlining my style a bit more (thank you for using the word "sophisticated", it made me feel all glowy inside!), but I don't want to get rid of what makes my style "ME" either.

      I am very much looking forward to posting more outfits on this space in 2019, and I am so pleased to now that I have you as a follower, Judy, especially with your constant creative input. Thank you so much for all your support, and can I just say I LOVE YOU JUDY <3

    2. I love you right back LIYANA!!! Jude

  3. Happy New Year Liyana! What a great selection - I'm so impressed with how you put things together. I think my faves are the peach dress and the blue kimono "suit" - an outfit I would shamelessly copy! All the best for 2019.

    1. Oooh what a delight to think that someone is taking inspirations from my outfits and incorporating them into their own outfits. I am so glad you approve of my favourites, Chloe. Happy New Year to you, and all the best to you too! xxoo


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