Flower Power: Floral Suit & Sock Booties

Remembering the time when I was basically clueless still about static-cling and wore this floral suit during winter in Milan, and was extremely grateful to have a long-ish winter coat on top of it to distract gazes from my pants that were unattractively bunching up and clinging on to my legs, goodness.

In that same post, I was already looking forward to wearing the suit in Malaysia not with sneakers, so I have to say I'm pleased with this outcome; I felt like the burgundy sock booties and maroon ring bucket bag complement my floral suit nicely.

In fact, I like the pairing of the booties with the floral print so much that I'm thinking to pair them again very soon, except next time perhaps I'd ditch the pants and go with a solid black skirt or something, what do you think?

*Photos taken by my sister Hazrina Aris, edited by me

Wearing: H&M floral blazer  |  H&M floral print pants  |  Zara burgundy boots (previously matched with plaid blazer)  |  Maroon bucket bag from Hongdae market, Seoul (previously matched with floral print shirt!)


  1. Your smile...aaah!! So pretty. I love that you're bursting with joy in that photo. I must say that this is the kind of outfit I don't know how to pull off and you worked it like you were born wearing it! What sorcery is this? I think I'm just afraid of the floral when it's in a suit type of outfit. It feels visually busy for me but that's because I just don't think I could pull it off. But dang gurl, you really got the swag wearing it. Such a ravishing look! Please yes, wear with a different bottom. I really wanna see how you'd style the top next. Seems challenging! :D Have a smashing 2019 Liyana!! :D xoxo

    1. Honestly Shanaz, first let's established that you're beautiful (inside and out!) and pretty and have the perfect physique to carry off SO MANY outfits. But not to say I don't know what you mean, because I've seen outfits that I'm too scared to put on in public, so I suppose it has more to do with how shameless a person is when it comes to wearing certain things, LOL.

      (PS: My sister was the one who took these photos for me and while she liked my outfit, she's too sensible to ever wear this outfit!)

      For the record, you would have looked absolutely smashing in this exact outfit, minus the hijab of course, but there's so much to do with your glorious curls!

      I will definitely pair this blazer with something else in the future! Can't waittt.

  2. This dark print is beautifully unique and reminds me of just how striking a rich, dark floral can be. I think your accessories hit the mark nicely too. Your dark hijab is also perfect as it keeps eyes focused on your lovely face and that great print. Hair would compete! :-)
    I can't wait to see the next version of one of these pieces paired in a new way.
    Love, Jude

    1. I'm looking forward to styling this dark floral pieces with something fresh now! Thank you, Judy <3


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