As much as I love experimenting with style, comfort is always my Number 1 concern — which, by the way, is why you almost never see me wearing heels, as much as I love seeing them on others (while envying these people from afar at the same time).

Malaysia is very hot and very humid but since most of the places of importance are thankfully in air-conditioned buildings, I rarely have to walk around under the hot sun/wet rain, which means dressing up to my heart's desire isn't a major issue.

However, when it is time to brave the scorching heat, an easy breezy outfit becomes the main priority, such as the case when I decided to spend an afternoon at the zoo in Kota Kinabalu last month. To compensate for the high temp and humidity, I opted for my thin, slightly oversized "Food Mood" sweater with loads of room to breathe in and a billowy maxi skirt.

By the way, how cute is the woven backpack? Funny story: the previous day, on my way back from visiting the cow farm, Shah and I passed by this row of little stalls selling locally made trinkets, manned by these aged seniors reaching 90 years old who are probably locals to the mountainous area. The thing is, they looked very old but were incredibly upbeat and cheery when they were showing me all the things their shops stocked and, I don't know why, that makes them adorable in my eyes and melted my fragile heart.

Have you ever experienced this odd need to buy from cute old shopkeepers just to please them? Well, that happened to me on that day; I was literally elbowing Shah, whispering, "Shah, we HAVE to buy from this grandpa/grandma!". I now have this theory that if these seniors didn't own the stalls themselves, the real owners purposely hired adorable geriatrics just to get suckers like me to buy things from them.

PS: To this day my younger sister will laugh at this story even though she knows perfectly well she would've done the exact same thing.
PPS: This story also made Shah and I wonder: is this how youngsters will see us in the future? One would hope so, no?

Aside from my woven backpack, Shah and I ended up buying gifts at the stalls for our moms and my younger sister which they love so it was a fruitful stop at the shops after all.

Wearing: Zara 'Food Mood' sweater  |  Adidas Performance maxi skirt  |  Adidas "Super Star" Superstar sneakers

Not saying you can't combine both comfort AND style into one outfit, though! Click on each image below to see easy breezy outfits fit for a hijabi that didn't compromise style:

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