I have been borrowing Shah's clothes for almost as long as I've been married to him — that is, almost nine years now. I'm not talking about wearing his t-shirts when I go to sleep, no; I'm talking "not finding anything to wear" from my closet racks, glancing at his (tinier) side of the closet and determining that oh that shirt of his would look good on me for my day out with friends today.

When borrowing from the guys, it's not the "perfect fit" that matters the most. In fact, I borrow from Shah because I want the "terrible" fit. I want the clothes to look bigger on purpose. For a while now, I even buy clothes from the ladies' section a size or two bigger if I can get away with it because I want the slouchiness they offer, but men's clothes sometimes just do slouchy better, you know?

After you find your perfect slouchy piece, pair it with your most favourite things that you know fit you well plus accessories that you know will complement that outfit beautifully, then wear everything out into the wild like it's yours  which, it is all along.
Not that this should matter but the cool thing about oversized clothing now: it's on trend.

The one piece of clothing I "steal" most often from Shah — so often that it's officially mine and he borrows it from me now! — is this oversized grey sweater that we purchased years ago in Tokyo. Well, oversized for me and fits perfectly on him, that is! That particular day out exploring the city (and shopping) suddenly rained and turned unexpectedly cold, but since Shah didn't have enough layers on, we went on a quick hunt for an affordable sweater that he could put on over his work shirt.

Basically: fate brought us to this oversized grey sweater.

(PS: Yes, I've always been this dramatic about my fave closet's acquisitions.)

I did not foresee doing an outfit photoshoot against a background of the greenery of a cow farm but the Dairy Cattle Farm of Kundasang in Sabah was too beautiful of a place to not have a shoot! Shah and I were in Sabah recently (a state in East Malaysia) and we've heard countless praises about Kundasang so we're grateful to have been able to witness its beauty, even for a short few hours.

    Also: Let it be noted that I've also ventured into borrowing Shah's pants but I stopped because I decided that the fabric generosity of the front part of the pants was just too hard to conceal (and just doesn't look all that flattering). But if you have no problem with men's pants, go for it gurl, YOU DO YOU, always!

    •     •     •     •     •     •     •

    Do you always borrow from the boys when you dress up? If you don't, would you consider doing so in the near future?

    Wearing: Edwin men's grey sweater  |  Hotwind pinstriped pants  |  Typo Star Wars socks  |  Converse woven hightop sneaker

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    oversized grey sweater on Affordorable previously:

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