I mused out loud about the lack of long-sleeved maxi dresses — and maxi skirts, might I add — in the market back in 2016.
And today, I'm about to do it again. Brace yourself, people.

I can't help it, but if there's a way for people to understand why I keep "musing out loud" (<--- a nicer-sounding phrase to substitute the word "whining", really) about it, imagine this: you're a hijabi who lives in a country that's not only super hot but also ultra humid all-year-round, and strolling around in a thin, flowy, non-transparent one-piece that covers the necessary part is practically the ultimate luxury.

I still haven't found a dress that fits that description since discovering this floral dress on a mannequin in H&M's storefront two years ago (why though whyyy) so it gets pulled out of my closet a lot.

This dress may not be new but the fact that I feel good in it makes it feel new enough every single time, if that makes sense.

Probably because I don't settle for the same styling each time I put it on, but can't say I don't worry about slipping the dress on one day and panicking about not having anything fresh to pair it with.

But for now, let's concentrate on the positives, shall we? The dress is not the only old thing here, as that slingbag was bought in Tokyo in 2015, guys. So, really, I'm sure I still have loads of stuff at the back of my closet to match with this dress in the future!

I just had to try out the face earrings trend and just got these at Lovisa (the place where I get 99% of my earrings, basically.) These shoes, however, are only sort-of new, if you can call a pair of shoes you bought ages ago and stowed away at the back of your closet "new", that is... I can't believe I forgot I own such an obnoxious-looking pair of sneakers, forgive me.

Click on each image below to see three older posts in which I've styled this floral ruffle dress differently:
    Which styling of the floral ruffle dress is your ultimate favourite out of the four?

    Wearing: H&M floral ruffle dress  |  Lovisa face earrings  |  Ciaopanic sling bag  |  Typo socks  |  Adidas Supersta gold toe sneakers

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