My style is overall very casual, always with a hint of androgyny in it. Once in a while though I fancy a venture into a somewhat more feminine territory, and the way I fancy doing it is with an outfit that looks like this silk-like printed set.

What is it about silk-like material and those dangling ribbons at the front that make me feel more feminine — more womanly? I can't even explain it, but all I know is I love those details as much as I love a matching set for an outfit.

I've paired this printed set before with electric blue high heels which probably created a more wholesome ladylike image, but as much as I wish I could walk in heels like Victoria Beckham does, I'm just not a heels person, guys!
(Although, let it be noted that Queen VB herself is now a sneakers lover, too.)

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Every time I put this navy blue set on — whether with heels that I love to look at but so rarely wear, with sneakers, or with these rainbow glitter booties that are a better version of heels to me — I feel like a girl boss who's ready to take over the world.

* Typing this as I'm listening to Shania Twain's arguably most addicitve jam, Man! I Feel Like A Woman. Of course. 
Wearing: Mango printed blouse  |  Mangi printed pants  |  Zara glitter booties  |  Topshop t-shirt

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