Man! I Feel Like A Woman! | Silk-like Printed Matching Set & Rainbow Glitter Booties

My style is overall very casual, always with a hint of androgyny in it. Once in a while though I fancy a venture into a somewhat more feminine territory, and the way I fancy doing it is with an outfit that looks like this silk-like printed set.

What is it about silk-like material and those dangling ribbons at the front that make me feel more feminine — more womanly? I can't even explain it, but all I know is I love those details as much as I love a matching set for an outfit.

I've paired this printed set before with electric blue high heels which probably created a more wholesome ladylike image, but as much as I wish I could walk in heels like Victoria Beckham does, I'm just not a heels person, guys!
(Although, let it be noted that Queen VB herself is now a sneakers lover, too.)

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Every time I put this navy blue set on — whether with heels that I love to look at but so rarely wear, with sneakers, or with these rainbow glitter booties that are a better version of heels to me — I feel like a girl boss who's ready to take over the world.

PS: Typing this as I'm listening to Shania Twain's arguably most addictive jam, Man! I Feel Like A Woman. Of course. 

Wearing: Mango printed blouse  |  Mangi printed pants  |  Zara glitter booties  |  Topshop t-shirt


  1. This is such a luxe look, Liyana! It's just feels so expensive without being unapproachable if that makes any sense. I love the glitter boats especially.

    1. Yes, it makes sense to me Gigi, thank you so much for saying so! I'm INCREDIBLY flattered, and really happy you approve of this look.

      (I almost said no to buying the glitter boots because at the time I was thinking "when would I ever wear glitter boots" but now: NO REGRETS.)

  2. I would be delighted to call you my boss! :-)
    This look is just SPECTACULAR!!!! I love every inch of it Liyana! The fabric is like flowers in a night garden. The shoes are a star filled sky!
    I know I'm gushing but this is really quite amazing!!
    Did you wear it for an occasion?? You MUST!!! Love, Jude

    1. To be honest I can't ever imagine be anyone's boss, haha! But if I WERE a boss, this would be one of my go-to outfits, for sure; I'd want to be the cool boss who wears glitter boots to work!

      I'm just so so pleased that you're saying all these kind words, I don't get a lot of gushing from people so I'm just going "aw shucks" here happily, really! Very pleased that you think this outfit is amazing, because I put a lot of thought into it (I even asked my sister to help me choose the shoes to go with the outfit, something I don't usually do).

      I actually did not get to wear it to anything special but I will save this outfit for something special in the future, for sure now, after reading your comment! Thank you for this comment, Judy xxoo <3

  3. But.....How can you call this extravagant look casual? Hahah. I love how very feminine you look in any of your androgynous outfits as you make it your own with a dose of quirk. Every outfit of yours scream girl boss. If I can define your look, it could never be just casual. NEVER! There's always a kawaii twist, sporty twist, rockstar twist, queen twist. Well you get it. You are so fashion and this outfit is another one that reflects your experimental styling spirit. I love it!! :D xo

    1. This should be categorised under "super fancy", right? At least for me it should!

      Thank you for your kinds words, Shanaz. I genuinely enjoy reading your comments in my outfit posts, your words will be the ones to keep me updating this blog this new year =D


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