What To Wear With The Top You've Worn Over & Over Again

When I first started blogging about outfits, wearing an entirely new outfit was the thing that I was excited to share about the most. Nowadays it's more about challenging myself on how to wear that one item that I've worn over and over again while making it look like an entirely new outfit — or at least, almost look like one. 
I've lost count on how many times I've worn this teal leopard top since purchasing it two years ago but it has been a pleasure to mix and match it with anything that matches the many colours in it — which is the best thing about multicoloured tops, really! On any given day, I could choose to bring out the red, teal, black, or white accents in it.
I tend to concentrate on bringing out the black shades of the top as it's obviously the easiest styling option but in this post, I wanted to highlight how you can play around with multiple colours in the top all at once by mixing and matching prints in the same family of colours: all of the red, teal and black, all at once, in this case!

It's probably a stroke of luck that I just happen to already own a pair of deep teal-hued sneakers and a lipstick-print skirt with a white background, of course, and all the colours just happen to match!

No one is going to force you to go crazy at prints-mixing like I did here (my photographer a.k.a. my husband was all like "Do you think you have enough prints there?", dry humour is necessary for a healthy marriage, peeps) but mixing prints — and limiting them to your liking — is certainly the next best idea after you've gone through all other solid-coloured options for a multicoloured clothing item.

Click each image below to see black-accented outfits featuring the same top!
    Wearing: Zara teal leopard top  |  Mirrorcle lipstick print skirt  |  Adidas Stan Sith floral teal sneakers  |  Red round wicker bag from Jakarta


    1. Hahaha, that dry humor tip for a lasting marriage is so cute! I love it. Actually, I love how you print mix, clash or remix. You have a talent for it. Compared to the outfits you've worked the top in before, this one is more visually-open as the white from the lipstick skirt uplifts the look. I love that you did a blue eye shadow makeup to go with the look. So fun! And that bag is superb! I have one in a neutral beige. This look of yours has that preppy twist going on. Always on point! Urghhhh!

      1. Not everyone is a fan of this "extreme" prints mixing, so I'm just glad someone else approves too! And the fact that you noticed that I matched my eyeshadow to the top, ahhh, thank youuu!

        I love wicker bags but most were the regular light tan colour, until this red came along that is. I love the vibrant red hue so, so much, but unfortunately a small part of the rattan (or whatever material it is) had stuck out a bit and ruined this top =( I'll have to use the bag only with denim jackets or something from now on!


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