4 Best Blog Template Designers To Work With On Etsy

We're almost entering a new year! I find that a lot of bloggers like to freshen up their blog look around this time of the year, so I want to share a tip that might be useful to bloggers out there.

I scour the web for pre-made blog templates a lot but I find that Etsy is still the best and most reliable place to purchase them. There is a wide range of beautiful looks to cater to your blogging needs but most importantly, they're affordable.
You could find templates for both Blogspot and Wordpress plus other lesser-known blogging platforms, too.

I've worked with plenty of blog designers on Etsy but I want to share with you guys the best four designers I have personally worked with.

Not only do they design gorgeous templates (that are mobile-friendly!) but they're also easy to communicate with and were very helpful in resolving any issue I encountered once their template was already installed for Affordorable, which are important requirements I look for in a blog designer.

Out of all four designers, Mina of Underline Designs is the one providing the most unique blog layouts. If you're looking for something that's completely different then the usual post-on-one-side-sidebar-on-the-other template, Underline Designs would be where it's at.


I love how clean and minimally chic Eve's blog templates are. They're perfect for those searching for no-fuss, straight-to-the-point easy navigation for their blog.

Want a blog look that's whimsical, fun and delightful? Gabriela is your go-to designer.


I've admired Maira's templates ever since I discovered Etsy but when she recently released two new blog templates, I knew I wanted to combine both of them into my newest blog look.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Bear in mind that your designer might live in a completely different time zone than you do so communications might stall because of that; I've worked with designers who just started their day when it was time for me to sleep, so that was a bit of a challenge! (I've stayed up a whole night to get a design perfect, though  dedication to this blog, guys.)

Two upsides to working with these designers:

1) With the exception of shopgabrielamelo (unless she's changed her design process), they are also able to customise a template using different elements you like from their different templates (like Maira did for my current blog look). It would cost more than buying their premade template but still a whole lot cheaper than getting a designer to design a template from scratch!

2) I never liked the process of installing a new template for my blog, which is why it's fantastic that these four designers are able to do it for their customers.
Some of them might charge you for it but I'd honestly rather pay for the installation than mess up the installation!

If you're planning to change your blog's look, I highly recommend you visit Etsy to check out these designers.
Tip: type in the designers' shop's name to see their designs, or type "premade blogger templates" to see more options. You can even customise your search according to your budget!

All the best you guys! ♡


  1. Yikes! I had no idea there were blog template designers. What an interesting creative/technical profession. I like your choices and new look.
    Love, Jude

    1. Oh yes, there is a whole world of web/blog designing out there! Back in the days, bloggers used super basic templates and edit codes on their own to customise the look, but site coding has advanced too much for most of us to keep up - although we CAN take lessons and do it ourselves, of course. I think non-bloggers wouldn't be interested at all but if you'd like to take a look, you could see some of the designs provided in Etsy, just type "premade blogger templates"!

      I hope your Christmas preparations are going well my dear Judy! I don't celebrate Christmas but I do enjoy seeing other people celebrating it.


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