My 2018 Everyday Uniform That I'm Bringing Into 2019

Flipping through the hangers in Shah's side of the closet instead of mine, as always! But honestly, though, this is how I dress like 85.7% of the time (also equivalent to 6 out of 7 days a week), because creating an outfit by throwing together oversized shirt + jeans + sneakers can rarely go wrong.
(Also: Shah doesn't even bother to inquire about his missing shirts anymore.)

Which, is exactly why you'll most probably see me in the same combo a lot next year too if you bump into me — on a non-photoshoot day, that is.

Sure, I love dressing up, having a full-face makeup on and lookin' all fancy and everything but, still...ain't nobody got time for that ALL the time, amirite?

By the way: Happy Holidays everybody, and Merry Christmas to those celebrating! 

Wearing: Padini plaid shirt (men's)  |  Emsexcite patched ripped jeans (last seen with polka dot ruffle top!)  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  Cotton On cat-eye sunglasses

I have the same cat-eye sunglasses with a red-tinted lens, too! Click each image below to see the times I've worn them both:


    1. Let's applaud you for:
      Keeping it honest.
      Keeping it comfy.
      Keeping it stylish.
      Keeping it affordable!
      Love, Jude :-)

      1. Thank you THANK YOU my sweet Judy =) <3


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