I can't remember how my obsession with casual suits started in early 2018 but if I have to guess, it probably stemmed from me getting ensnared in the revival of the plaid trend. We're almost a third way in into January 2019 now and I don't see my obsession with suits waning anytime soon.

PS: Wish I had gotten the matching glen plaid pants to this glen plaid blazer!

Plus, the great thing about suits (or so I think) is they're awesome two-in-one "investment" deals, in which you can go crazy mixing and matching the top and bottom part of a suit with other pieces to create many, many more outfits!

I'm hoping to score one good-quality solid-coloured suit this year (one in red or electric blue would be so fire but really, any solid colour would be cool) but in the meantime, here are all of the suits I've loved before and still very much do love, currently residing in my closet for my easy utilising:

For those who are into florals: Flower Power: Floral Suit & Sock Booties

Statement t-shirt is always a good idea: Just Another Plaid Suit

Are exaggerated shoulders your thing, like mine is?: Houndstooth Suit & Bejeweled Pointy Toe Sock Boots

With the last beige suit above, they're actually separate pieces (blazer was from H&M, draped pants from Zara) but are matchy-matchy enough to be made into one suit. The point is, we don't even have to restrict ourselves when it comes to making up a casual suit; I have a few old solid-coloured blazers and have been looking for similar-coloured pants to match them, and when I do locate them, I'd be suiting up automatically.
Even prints don't have to be exactly the same to match, like in the second-to-last striped suit above; they just need to be similar enough to pass as a set. Really, the sky's the limit when it comes to styling choices, peeps!

That being said,
which of these suits is your ultimate favourite?

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