What Happened Recently: I Was In Singapore!

How's your January going so far, beauties? So far mine has been good, but I have to say, I am grateful that January has always been a kind month to me for a special reason, which, I'll share in my updates below:

1. I turned 33 on the 13th!

Yes, I just celebrated my 33rd birthday, you guys! Since January is my birthday month, it always feels like it has that extra magic in it! My birthday fell on a Sunday this year and I definitely did fully plan on taking advantage of that, which was why —

2. I spent an entire weekend in one of my favourite countries, Singapore!

So many exclamation marks will be in this post! I'm just happy and excited, you guys, bear with me!

I first went to Singapore when I was really young and barely remember anything from that trip, but my trip there in 2017 really sealed Singapore as one of my most favourite places to visit! Singapore is super near to where I'm staying in Johor but I haven't gotten the chance to re-visit it since moving here.

That is, until I discovered my birthday fell on a Sunday which made my birthday weekend the perfect opportunity to rendezvous there with Shah and my younger sister, also a January baby whose birthday comes four days after mine! (As in, today.)

3. I FINALLY visited Universal Studios Singapore!

When Shah turned 30, he celebrated his birthday at Paris Disneyland, a fact that I've always been jealous of (honestly, not even kidding, as I'm such a Disney fan); he was given a badge sticker that said something like "Birthday Boy" and "30" on it and wherever he went in the park, the staff would wish him heartily (trust Disney to make your experience at The Happiest Place On Earth truly happy!).

Well, celebrating a birthday in Disneyland would have to wait for now! Universal Studios is not as magical as Disneyland in my book but their theme parks are close enough when it comes to the excitement factor, so I knew I had to include USS in my birthday weekend experience. Besides, I've been wanting to go to USS for years ever since I visited their Asian counterpart Universal Studios Japan almost four years ago!

PS: See the bugs and prints outfit I wore on a cold winter day to USJ years ago

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

These photos were taken at Changi Airport in Singapore where they had a small Harry Potter installation; I just couldn't resist taking photos around the area. I had actually arrived at Singapore from Johor by taking the car + ferry but I was at the airport to pick up my little sister who had flown in from Kuala Lumpur.

Fun fact: my younger sister Rina has a diploma in photography, so Shah took a backseat in photography during this trip and left Rina to shoot most of my outfits (of which he was thankful for, let's be honest), including this grey oversized men's sweater + ripped black jeans ensemble.

Reminder: come visit Affordorable again soon for more Singapore outfits!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIYANA!!! 33 is a wonderful age and I know you'll squeeze a bunch of love, joy, and life experience out of this new year. Clearly you've already begun.
    I loved the shot of you and your sister together. You look like you're ready to enroll at Hogwarts! Love, Jude

    1. Thank you, thank you for the wish, Judy! I'm definitely still celebrating my birthday even though it was days ago, but I do this every year actually =D

      My sister isn't as big of a fan of Harry Potter as I am but she entertains me and my hobbies, that's for sure! Ahhh I wish there was a real-life Hogwarts that I could enroll into - actually I did read a bout a company offering the "Hogwarts experience" but I remember it was far from Malaysia and very pricey. Perhaps someday!

  2. Your sister Rina did such a great job teasing out the darling girl that is inside sassy Liyana. I'm loving the look and felt the happiness just oozing out of every line you wrote for this post. Happy belated birthday girl! :D

    1. Thank you for the wish babe <3 <3 <3 I'm so happy you felt the vibe of this post. Singapore was such a fun time and a great start to 2019 for me! =D


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