So, remember how I was always harping on about finding good long-sleeved maxi dresses? News flash: I found another one that I actually like, guys.

I'm usually not a fan of dresses with elastic-band waists but there's just something about the geometric print and the hue of this dress — I want to call it "burnt orange"...? But then I went out of my way to Google "shades of orange" (I know, this is just the way I am, peeps) and decided I like "dark amber" better.

PS: Perhaps you know names of colours better? You know, like in a way that you don't have to Google it? Because I'm totally open to suggestions!

These photos were taken on my first day in Singapore recently. Right after Shah and I picked up my sister Rina from the airport, we went to our hotel to check in, got refreshed, then headed straight to one of my most favourite spots in Singapore: Gardens of the Bay! Rina has never been so I was excited to show her the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, and Supertree Grove with its "Garden Rhapsody" light show at night.

On my first visit to Gardens of the Bay in 2017, I had photographed my striped shirt + skirt set at Cloud Forest so this time I was all for shooting my outfit of the day at the Flower Dome instead.

Oh, and one more thing: as her birthday present, I got her my dress, too, only in black! Rina used to call me her "twinnie" to annoy me (it's an inside joke) but I think she also secretly wants to un-jokingly be my twin. Since Singapore was our birthday trip, I thought, well, why not grant her this wish for one day and let her dress like me?

PS: I don't necessarily want Rina to read this post though...especially that last paragraph. You know, just in case.

Anyway, how beautiful is the Flower Dome, guys?
And what do you think about our matchy-matchy maxi dresses?

Wearing: Tafa maxi dress  |  Uniqlo denim jacket  |  Adidas Superstar sneakers  |  MCM box sling bag

* Photography by Rina (except her own shot, of course), edited by me

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