Out of the countless outfit photos I took each year, there will be a myriad of unusable ones, depicting all kinds of things happening mid shoot: my mouth too-wide open from talking, people photo-bombing, me laughing, me asking Shah to point the camera at different angles, me resisting Shah's helpful posing instructions, etc..

And then there are the inevitable accidental mid-blinking snaps (like the first photo below), "blue-steeling" without realising it, wardrobe malfunctions (the white ribbon loop sticking out of my top, aghhh), weird angles (why do I look like the Penguin — Batman's foe, yes — in that photo of me wearing the polka dot top + box wicker bag) having an out-of-place facial expressions, awkward poses (still not 100% comfortable posing next to a crowd!), and so on and so on. There has not been one photoshoot session that goes without a hitch, ever.

Well, while I did deem these photos "unusable" the first few years I photographed my outfits, about two years ago I decided to not waste all of them and compiled some into my 2017 photoshoot bloopers post.

So this time, I present to you a small collection of the "blooper" shots taken in 2018.
Reminder: these are all actual legitimate awkward snaps of me by Shah (whose style of photographing is to click on the camera a hundred times per minute) during the many outfit shoots I did.


Here's to many more wonderful outfit shoots — and the accompanying bloopers — in 2019! On that note, thank you for sticking with me and Affordorable throughout this style journey.

To those who is here for the first time: Hi, Hello, Salam, and Welcome! I hope you like what you see here and will continue coming for more.