On Repeat: White Beaded Caftan

First of all, I want to say how very admirable I find bloggers who do this blogging thing while having a full-time job, because I'm a homemaker and I find it hard to juggle blogging and, well, life. If I added a job on top of that, this blog may have gone defunct a long time ago. I'm so sorry my beauties, but thank you so much for coming back to visit my blog after about 10 days of radio silence here!

I headed to Penang during the Chinese New Year week for Shah's cousin's solemnization and wedding so it was a trip filled with demure and extra-modest dressing-ups (as one is wont to do around their in-laws, ehem). For the solemnization, I recycled my Eid outfit from 2017 — wearing the same exact white beaded caftan from Mecca and a brown scarf — but changed up the accessories and the style of my hijab.

I'll be sharing my outfit from the maroon-themed wedding next, which took place the night after the solemnization. (Also, look out for my birthday outfit too, coming soon!) 


  1. Ouuuuf you look so beautiful in this!

    Also yes about blogging and like..... life. I used to blog all the time in my undergrad student years, but now that I am a graduate student AND working 3 jobs.......... it's nearly impossible. Ha! I've decided I'll return to regular blogging and hopefully style posts too when I'm graduated from my program! Being easy on myself about it!

    1. Ahhh, thank you so much, Katia! <3 <3 <3

      A grad student + THREE jobs? I am IN AWE. I've always admired people like you, you guys are the real deal, the go-getters! I had trouble concentrating on just being a student doing undergrad courses! I don't know where you guys get the energy but can I say that I find the determination absolutely admirable.

      I love your blog as it's so unique, so I'm looking forward to seeing more on your blog! Do have loadsa fun when you get around to it! xxoo

  2. Tell me about the solemnization.
    This tartan is gorgeous and you styled it beautifully. Have you been to Mecca?
    Love, Jude

    1. I have yet to visit Mecca but I'm hoping to go very, very soon!

      Oooh the solemnization for the Malays in Malaysia is a beautiful process, I'll try my best to explain it. The solemnization process is conducted by a religious official a.k.a. "kadhi" or "kadi", who will make sure both parties verbally and written consent (via signatures) to the marriage. The kadi would deliver a short sermon regarding the rights of a husband and a wife as well as their main responsibilities to each other, from the perspective of Islam. Then comes the most exciting part, when the groom shakes hands (and hold them) with the religious officer OR the bride's father/legal representative and says the binding words of the solemnization agreement, or the "vow" - some grooms get nervous and would have to repeat the vow, which usually make guests hold their breath! Fathers are allowed to do the verbal part of the solemnization/agreement with the groom in the presence of the religious official and the bride too, just like my father did. There also has to be two official witnesses to witness the solemnization; mine was two of my favourite uncles. After the "vow" is done, a short prayer is read, and the bride and groom will sign their marriage certificate.

      I've made it sound so boring, I'm sorry Judy! It's more special visually of course, but I hope you've understood it anyway =)

  3. I did understand and you didn't make it sound at all boring. I'm guessing that as the title suggests it is a solemn occasion/ceremony. Traditional rituals have that going for them and I think we rise to the occasion along with our expectations that we are witnessing a special moment.

    This kaftan ( not tartan!) is just wonderful on you LIYANA!!! Love, Jude


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