First of all I want to say how very admirable I find bloggers who do this blogging thing while having a full-time job, because I'm a homemaker and I find it hard to juggle blogging and, well, life. If I added a job on top of that, this blog may have gone defunct a long time ago. I'm so sorry my beauties, but thank you so much for coming back to visit Affordorable after about 10 days of radio silence here!

I headed to Penang during the Chinese New Year week for Shah's cousin's solemnization and wedding so it was a trip filled with demure and extra-modest dressing-ups (as one is wont to do around their in-laws, ehem). For the solemnization, I recycled my Eid outfit from 2017 — wearing the same exact white beaded caftan from Mecca and brown scarf — but changed up the accessories and the style of my hijab.

I'll be sharing my outfit from the maroon-themed wedding next, which took place the night after the solemnization. (Also, look out for my birthday outfit too, coming soon!) 
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