Caftan from Mecca for Eid outfit 2017
No doubt, the effort I put into my Eid's outfit this year was considerably a lot less than last year's green, gold and black one. Shah and I decided not to buy anything new this year, opting to wear these dark chocolate brown baju kurung and baju Melayu we've worn from a few years back.
Well, at first, anyway...

There were a lot of back-and-forths happening inside my head because on one hand I've always liked the idea of wearing the traditional baju kurung on Eid, but on the other hand it would've been so nice to wear something new!

In the end, "something new" won and I ended up in this beautiful caftan Shah's mom brought back for me when she performed umrah in Mecca last year; I never got around to wearing it as I kept waiting for a special occasion to put it on, and there's nothing more special than Eid.

Caftan from Mecca for Eid outfit 2017
Caftan from Mecca for Eid outfit 2017
On that note: Eid Mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to my Muslim readers! I hope you all are having a wonderful first week of this Syawal month.
Let's continue the positive deeds we did and good thoughts we harboured during the previous holy month of Ramdhan. Always be thankful for what we have been blessed with! Take the time to remember our less fortunate sister and brothers around the world who are not able to embrace this occasion as freely as we can, and don't forget to pray for them. Always be kind and generous to everyone around you, regardless of their race, belief, and faith.

Loads and LOADS of love to you all!
xxoo Liyana

Caftan from Mecca for Eid outfit 2017
Caftan from Mecca for Eid outfit 2017
Gold block heels from H&M

Extra notes:
- Baju kurung (for female) and baju Melayu (for male) are the traditional wears the Malays wear in Malaysia; here is a sample of a modernised baju kurung I wore last year for a wedding.
- It is the norm for couples and family members to be all matchy-matchy in their traditional wears during Eid! Shah decided to wear a robe (also from Mecca!) instead of the usual baju Melayu this Eid, where my scarf perfectly matches his robe as you can see on my Instagram, or see our matching green Eid outfits from last year (with Shah in his baju Melayu!).
- Read more about "Umrah" in Wikipedia.

Wearing: Caftan from Mecca  |  H&M gold block heels  |  Kate Spade bangle

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