Instagram Outfit: Adidas Baseball Sweater & Frayed Black Jeans

Instagram Outfit Adidas Baseball Sweater Zara frayed jeans
The thing is, there are many, many days when I go out and not shoot my outfit, either because there is no time or because I didn't bother totting around my SLDR camera with me. Do you guys know how many unshared OOTDs that is? LOADS, but let me be honest outright and say those un-shot outifts are always subpar (and comprised of whatever things are hanging on the I-wore-this-yesterday clothes rack, as I'm normal and human like that).

Plus, I've always much preferred sharing good-quality photos from my DSLR but I had a good iPhone day on this day, and I REALLY like my new Alice socks that my sister got for me, so I hope you guys won't mind that  share my iPhone outfit here <3 (PS: These pics are already up on my Instagram!)

Instagram Outfit Adidas Baseball Sweater Zara frayed jeans
Today is the last day of Ramadhan this year, which always feels melancholic as there really is some sort of magic in the air during Ramadhan days, but we have Eid to look forward to tomorrow! As always, the days before Eid get superrr busy, which means less update here on my blog. Anyway, hopefully I'll get to share tomorrow's outfit real soon XO

Wearing: Adidas baseball top (with matching stripes here) |  Zara frayed jeans (paired with aviator glasses here)  |  Pull & Bear jeans  |  Typo Disney socks  |  Swatch Cheshire Cat watch

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  1. So many cute items to comment on Liyana! I've always appreciated fun socks and those are so unique. You are quite the Disney fan. At 18 on my first visit to Disneyland in Anaheim, California my first ride was, "It's A Small World" I cried.
    I also like your watch ( Beetlejuice? ) Also,your passion for all things Adida's is evident as a "go to" in your closet.
    Happy Eid Liyana! I look forward to seeing your special outfit for the celebration.
    Love, Jude

    1. The watch is from Swatch's Alice In Wonderland Collection, it's the cheeky Cheshire Cat! I've always loved watching Disney movies but my love for all-things-Disney intensified after visiting Disneylands around the world.

      Thank you for the Eid wish, Judy! I'm still in the process of editing my Eid outfit photos, but I'm trying to get them out soon!


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