This getup isn't my usual style but I felt like trying out something new on this day. Wide-cut trousers like the pair I wear here are not really my jam, but the sweet peachy pink hue somehow got to me. (PS: #suckerforagoodcolour)
Plus, they felt so comfortable and airy when I tried them on, making them perfect for the hot and humid weather here.

I rarely go for pieces that look like they might crease in 5 minutes either but even though these trousers fall into that category (and they crease fast, peeps), the hijabi-me plans on using them as a "modesty tool", something to layer under my abayas and maxi dresses that are a bit see-through, so the creasing won't matter as much.

They'll work like underwear, almost; no one else could see them but why shouldn't we go all fancy underneath if that makes us feel cute, amirite?

But on this particular sunny day I thought I'd take them out for a spin with my statement-sleeved black top, my kitschy chewing gum clutch and those delightful floral print loafers.

On that floral note: isn't it already spring where most of you live? Enjoy it for me, will ya?

Wearing: Bershka top with statement sleeves  |  Mango peachy pink trousers  |  Zara floral print loafers  |  "Chewing gum" oversized clutch from Laforet Harajuku, Tokyo