Gentlelady Edition: Peachy Pink Trousers & Floral Print Loafers

This getup isn't my usual style but I felt like trying out something new on this day. Wide-cut trousers like the pair I wear here are not really my jam, but the sweet peachy pink hue somehow got to me. (PS: #suckerforagoodcolour)
Plus, they felt so comfortable and airy when I tried them on, making them perfect for the hot and humid weather here.

I rarely go for pieces that look like they might crease in 5 minutes either but even though these trousers fall into that category (and they crease fast, peeps), the hijabi-me plans on using them as a "modesty tool", something to layer under my abayas and maxi dresses that are a bit see-through, so the creasing won't matter as much.

They'll work like underwear, almost; no one else could see them but why shouldn't we go all fancy underneath if that makes us feel cute, amirite?

But on this particular sunny day I thought I'd take them out for a spin with my statement-sleeved black top, my kitschy chewing gum clutch and those delightful floral print loafers.

On that floral note: isn't it already spring where most of you live? Enjoy it for me, will ya?

Wearing: Bershka top with statement sleeves  |  Mango peachy pink trousers  |  Zara floral print loafers  |  "Chewing gum" oversized clutch from Laforet Harajuku, Tokyo



  1. I love the pretty, subtle, coral color of these loose trousers and I think your plan for wearing them under shear dresses is brilliant!! Coral is one of the trending colors for this spring season so I'm sure you'll want to work in a variety of ways to wear them.
    I wish it was Spring like weather here but we had about 4 days of lovely weather and then we're inundated by another snowstorm! I think I'm suffering from some emotional craziness from being confined inside for way too many days during January thru April. Love, Jude

    1. I was never into coral except when it comes to lipsticks, but I'm willing to explore the shade now in my clothes and accessories after having these pants.

      Oh dear! Snowstorms in mid-april, I suppose it's normal where you live...? As a tropical girl I have to admit, I have minimal knowledge of crazy transitioning weathers. I hope the weather there is calmer now, and that you've been able to be out and about.

  2. Stylish as ever urghh! I love it. You're right about the weather though, it's humid even if it is raining. LOL. Love the lip color on you. So super fresh and girly. I'm feeling your clutch and floral shoes. Kitschy chic! :) xoxo

    1. Thank you Shanaz, always so sweet =) I haven't worn pink lipsticks in so long, thought I;d break it out of the makeup box, and will definitely wear more of it now.


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