How is it that I never knew the style of the dresses I've been wearing for basically forever has a specific name?
I was editing the photos for this geometric dress + striped blazer post when the word "prairie" oddly kept popping into my head. I didn't understand why that was but somehow only knew the word was supposed to come in a phrase. At that moment, for the life of me, the phrase just wasn't escaping the depths of my brain.

What I was sure of: the word "prairie" was the main key.

A few days layer, out of nowhere, it finally came to me: Little House On The Prairie. A TV show that I am positive I have never seen in my life but most probably have read about, maybe on the world wide web somewhere.

That got me thinking: why in the world would my brain associate the photos of my dress with blazer with the word "prairie" and the phrase "Little House On The Prairie" in the first place?

So I did what I always do when I'm flummoxed: I Googled. For what "prairie" means, specifically. To simplify, here are a few words and phrases that are usually affiliated with it:
Modest. High neck. Long sleeves. Midi-to-maxi length.
Ruffles. Lace. Frilly. Florals.
Victorian. Pioneer-esque. Bohemian. Relic of the past. Vintage.

There's no clear definition for "prairie dress" so the term covers a pretty vast range of dresses; I wouldn't have categorised certain dresses as "prairie" but who am I to argue with the experts?
Example: The green floral dress I wore next to a bike below, but a well-known fashion site included that exact dress in their prairie article, so, I digress.

There is however no doubt that a prairie dress is always long-sleeved with a high neckline, and almost always with a little frill.
And that was when I find out I have been loving living and breathing in prairie dresses my entire life.

Perhaps even a little ironic because prairie dresses are traditionally associated with cute-as-a-button little girls but I am positive I wear prairie dresses more in my adult life than in my childhood! Modest dresses have become trendy these recent years though so I'm pretty confident that prairie dresses are not unique to my closet, or even the closet of modest dressers. (Seriously though, riffle through your stuff, you probably do own at least one.)

However things are, I've decided these two things a long time ago anyway (whether I realised it or not): prairie dresses are part of my modest aesthetic, and I will forever look for my next perfect modest dress.
•     •     •     •     •     •     •
Here's a collection of some of my favourite prairie dresses that I've worn on this blog — and still own/wear up to this day:

Being a modest dresser, it makes perfect sense that prairie dresses are my jam but at the same time I can totally understand anyone else's rejection of this particular style of dress, so out of curiosity: are you Team Prairie Dress?