Is it a thing...? Because I does look like that's what I was trying to achieve here, albeit subconsciously. I mean, all the tan and camel shades, plus the deep green and the boots...some safari vibez going on here, amirite?
(At least, based on what I know from photos of safaris other people go on.)

But like I mentioned, it wasn't done intentionally. If it were intentional, well, it just wouldn't be befitting at all now would it, since I have no immediate plans to go on a safari, nor did I secretly go on one recently.

I do know that if I ever get to go on a safari, I'd revisit this entire ensemble.

What I wanted to do on this particular day was to put on this cool tan corduroy shirt but I didn't want to just throw on a pair of jeans underneath, even though — hand to heart — jeans is exactly what I would pair the shirt with from here onwards because it's just the ultimate easy way to go for any kind of top.

That day was one of my rare shoot days though (and getting rarer thanks to my constant back-and-forth travels from Selangor to Johor) so I thought I should make things slightly more interesting, so safari chic it is.

Wearing: Topshop camel corduroy shirt  |  Ciaopanic tan culottes  |  Timberland boots