When Kimonos & Robes Are Totally My Thing | Floral Embroidery With Pink Polka Dot Socks

First things first: RAMADHAN MUBARAK TO MY FELLOW MUSLIMS AROUND THE WORLD!!! It has been a week since we entered this blessed month, alhamdulillah. I'm so grateful that I'm able to experience a big portion of early Ramadhan with my family in my hometown, especially since it means more of my mom's cooking during breaking the fast, yasss. Hopefully we're already accustomed to the slight hunger pangs and drier mouths, and in turn feeding our souls with more good thoughts and good deeds than usual. 

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Maybe some of you have seen this super loose black robe I shared on the blog in 2017? If you ask me to pick a few firm favourites in my closet right now, honestly, that shapeless sack of a thing would make it into the top ten.

Seriously, I have worn that robe so so so many times but I worry about it getting worn out from washing it too many times.
PS: I wash my clothes and jeans often; can't stand to wear clothes I've sweated in — this is the hot and humid Malaysia we're talking about!

So I decided to search for a sub for it and thankfully discovered this kimono, which looks similar enough to my black robe with its length, its cut and subtle black print, only it has these gorgeous,bold floral embroideries on the front and back.

Kimonos and robes are totally my thing not just because of their modesty but also because when I throw them easily on top of a (sometimes even ratty) t-shirt and jeans they make me feel like the hijabi version of Mary Kate and Ashley, whose effortless modest, so-called "bag lady" style I covet.

My mom absolutely loved this kimono when she saw me in it and already has ideas about adding buttons to the kimono (for her to borrow, of course!), an idea that I am all for; I like wearing flowy long kimonos open-front but I like wearing them half-closed at the front even more.

See: My fab red-orange kimono robe that I adore

On this day I paired the kimono with my exaggeratedly ripped hem flare jeans, mules and added two fun accessories: a beaded sling bag I got from Mecca and hot pink polka dot socks. Will try to shoot this kimono again in the future when/if buttons are added! 

Wearing: Topshop floral embroidered kimono robe  |  Mango exaggerated ripped hem jeans  | H&M pink polka dot socks  |  Topshop black mules  |  Beaded evening bag from Mecca



  1. Ramadam Kareem Liyana! I love your comment about your mom's good cooking. I'm sure it makes breaking your fast even more memorable of family bonding.
    Your outfit is a perfect example of mixing moods in fashion. That new kimono is lovely. Anything embroidered is always extra special in my book and the embroidery here seems very unique. Love, Jude

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful wish, Judy <3 <3 <3 I only go back to my hometown about two weekends every month so to get this extra time certainly feels special.

      I am definitely appreciating embroidery more and more lately, so this was such a great find for me!

  2. You look stunning! that pop of color totally works for you!

    http://www.femmeontrend.com | Femme On Trend

    1. Thank you for the kind compliment, Asshly! <3

  3. What an elegant and sassy getup, girl. I just love how you push your style boundaries in every outfit. I love those socks and mules and especially the hot pink of the sock. Thank you for always inspiring me with colors, textures and sparkles. :) xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Shanaz. Just so you know, your comments always keep me going in this blogging game. <3


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