Velvet Crush

Tiny update: I got to spend the first two weeks of this magical Ramadhan back in my hometown with my family! While it was ahmayyyzing and something I wish could last a lot longer, it's now sadly back to my "reality" of roughing it up here in Johor.

(Well, if you call sitting on your butt all day long in front of the laptop in a little hotel room with nothing else to do "roughing it up", that is.)

One thing's for sure: after days of devouring my mom's comforting home-cooked dishes after breaking fast, I miss it terribly now.

Right before Ramadhan started, my family and I had a family dinner in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Ever since Shah and I moved to Johor, we don't get to have sit-down family dinners as often as we all like, so it's always a special occasion when it happens.

And a special occasion calls for a special outfit, guys; it was time for me to break out this crushed velvet blazer and pants I bought months before. I don't even remember if I've ever worn crushed velvet, ever, so this bold sunny yellow velvet blazer felt like a breath of fresh air for me, sartorial-wise.

Unfortunately the yellow blazer it doesn't come with matching pants, but then again, on top of loving fun casual suits, I also love a good colour-blocking moment! Plus,  navy blue is (strangely) one of my favourite shades, ever.

See: To All The Casual Suits I've Loved Before

There was, however, a navy blue blazer to match the pants. Trust me, guys, the temptation to get both blazers lingered for the longest time. In the end, I decided I'd rather not deal with the guilt that would inevitably accompany the purchasing of two blazers that I — let's face it — don't exactly need. I had to make a decision, and the sunny yellow ultimately stole my heart.

Are you guys a fan of this textured crushed velvet like I am?

Also: what would you pair this blazer with if you own it?

Wearing: Topshop yellow crushed velvet blazer  |  Topshop navy crushed velvet pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  Uniqlo Airism t-shirt



  1. I LOVE that blazer!!!!!
    I have the navy one and it seems dull dull DULL compared to your yellow beauty.

    1. Oooh I am pleased that we own something similar! I did love the blue one too, and I'm sure it looks fab on you (and NOT dull). I wonder if you've worn it on Fake Fabulous yet.

  2. Because I am super basic, I'd pair the yellow crushed velvet blazer with baby blue jeans! But girl, once again, your sartorial choices blew me away. I am always in awe. I personally am not inclined to wear too many textures or texture-clash in an outfit. Looking at how you worked yours, I know why. It's just that am not that bold in my fashion expression I guess. Hahaha. I hope you will get inspired by something back in JB and surprise us all :D xoxox

    1. I'd totally wear the blazer with baby blue jeans too, that would look so "effortless" and cool right?

      I love your relaxed tropical style, girl. I like taking inspirations from people who don't dress like I do, and you're one of them.

  3. This is a favorite for me. I don't wear this color well myself but LOVE it on those who can. You look really splendid Liyana! The navy pants are perfect with the jacket. So richly textural! Love,Jude

    1. I'll be honest, I do think this yellow is a hard shade to wear. I didn't really think I could carry such a YELLOW shade but it looked right on me in the fitting room somehow, and now, reading all these comments make me so glad I make the choice to get the yellow! Thank you so much, Judy <3


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