The Endeavour of Successfully Blogging YOUR Own Way | Black Polka Dot Pyjama Set

Once in a while, I ask myself this question: why do I blog? Even though I have never been able to pinpoint the answer to just one coherent sentence, plenty of firm reasons do come to mind.
(Some of which you can read in my recent post on Why I Blog About My Outfits.)

Is knowing "why" enough, though? Surely it is just as important — if not more important — to do it right?
But then, how do you blog the "right" way? If there is a "right" way, does that mean there is a "wrong" way?

After a lot of wondering and pondering over eight years of blogging, I came to the conclusion that there is no right or wrong way to blog. If you're a fellow blogger, as long as you are clear on why you embark on the blogging path in the first place, blogging can and will be a successful endeavour for you.

Bloggers set out doing what they do with different goals in mind: a (somewhat) steady monthly income, the crave for public recognition, purely as a hobby, an outlet for self-expression, a diary or journal of some sort, etc. etc.. Even then, bloggers are allowed to change their goals along the way as they grow — which is why I think it's good to constantly ask yourself "Why do I blog?" A lot of mega-influencers we know now started off with blogging just as their hobby, after all, as back then having a career as an influencer was basically unheard of.
Achieving personal success — not just in blogging but in other things you pursue in life — should be entirely dependent on how you measure it. It is, however, crucial to keep in mind the importance of having a healthy outlook on what defines success.

So what is my way of blogging, the way that makes it a happy endeavour for me? My personal blogging goals have never changed drastically in the eight years and right now my goals are exactly the same as when I first started: to simply blog about the things that tickle my fancy and hope people that come across my content enjoy absorbing it.

To my blogging peers: I hope whatever your blogging goals are, you're well on your way of achieving them (and killing it along the way!).

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

On to my outfit here (outfits being one thing that tickles my fancy, of course): regular readers might know of my fondness of pyjama fashion, so I'm excited to showcase my latest all-black addition. This polka dot set was added to my collection long ago but I never got around to photographing it until my recent trip to Singapore. I really wanted to add vibrancy to my outfit, hence the multicoloured zebra-print scarf as my hijab.

Wearing: H&M polka dot pyjama set  |  Adidas Superstar faux snakeskin sneakers  |  Lancel Premier Flirt tote

In case you guys didn't know, Singapore is pretty much just as hot and humid as Malaysia but luckily it an overcast day so Shah and I explored the vicinity of our hotel on foot, accidentally coming across the colourful Alkaff Bridge and ending up at the Central Perk Singapore cafe for two cold drinks (and lots and lots of photos, of course!).

P/S: Shah and I are huge Friends fans. Also, I promise not ALL of my photos in Central Perk Singapore were taken on the iconic orange couch! Will get around to sharing some others on my Instagram soon, so follow me there @theliyanaaris if you haven't.


  1. Your styling composition here is just full of texture. The subtle raised polka dot in the P.J's is so cool and your scarf/hijab reads as "texture"because of it's a playful, confetti stripe (?) I love this look!! Additionally, I applaud your attention to artful presentation. By using the wacky, colorful, bridge you've found the perfect backdrop for your terrific photos. What an artistic post! Love, Jude

    1. Wow, Judy, that is so kind of you! I do think Shah and I accomplished some cool shots on this day but we really got lucky, walking around until we discovered all these backgrounds on our walk!

      I love this printed hijab, have yet to find anything like it; the white and black are zebra stripes, and the colourful confetti-like designs scattered actually make up outlines of a zebra! Cool right? This scarf is so old I can't even remember how old it is right now, but I'm so glad it's still in a practically perfect state.


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