Why I Blog About My Outfits | The Golden Dress

The day I was wearing this dress and was getting ready to go outside to shoot it, I was asked, "Haven't you already shot this dress before?"

Yes I have, once, but...what's wrong with me wanting to shoot it again?

This printed maxi dress is one of my favourite things in my closet, ever. I've worn this dress many times without shooting it, of course, but this day felt like the right day to get it in front of the camera again. I loved my choice of golden scarf and basket bag to go with the dress, plus I had my favourite mules on.

Then again, I also loved the baby blue sneakers and chain bag I paired the dress with the first time I posted it on this blog, which resulted in sportier and "edgier" (and less ladylike) vibes.

And that brings me to one of the reasons why I blog about my outfits here: to show my readers that you do not need different clothing pieces to come out with an entirely new outfit. To make use of what you already have in your closet. To challenge yourself to re-wear the things you presently own in a fresh way every single time. To have fun mixing and matching with your wardrobe.

Once you start to get the hang of it, that's when it gets easier to practice mindfulness on your shopping trips. Buy pieces that you know you can wear many, many times, that you know in your heart you will love and care for, for as long as possible. In with long lasting pieces, out with wear-it-for-just-one-Instagram-post.

Wearing: H&M x Morris & Co maxi dress  |  Mules from Haji Lane, Singapore (worn previously here and here)  |  Basket bag from a bazaar in KL (worn with blazer here)


  1. This is quite simply one of the most beautiful prints and seemingly comfortable dresses I've ever seen. I haven't changed my passion for it as a definite favorite since it's debut (?)
    The points made hear are also spot on! Love, Jude

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! I'm happy that you like this dress too. And I'm even more glad that you agree with my points here <3


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