Wanderlusting & An Important Travel Tip

An old-time facade in Venice, Italy

Remember the time when I refused to get my photos taken, in PARIS AND ROME AND ALL THOSE WONDERFUL EUROPEAN CITIES, of all places?
Remember when I lived in New Zealand for four and a half years and never once went on a scenic trip voluntarily?
You may not remember but I absolutely do. I try to make up for moments lost ever since.

The travel bug is very, very real; once you caught it, you can never get rid of it — no antidote, guys. And I definitely have it.

Strolling through Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Tokyo

I haven't had the chance to go on a special vacation for a while now, not overseas and not even local (hence, the wanderlust) so this is why I'm so glad for capturing the many beautiful snaps during previous trips; reminiscing about the places I have visited does help with that ache I feel whenever I miss travelling!

By the beach in Arenzano, Italy

Motiongate Park in Dubai

I do remember most of the cities I've been to but sometimes, what little details my brain could recall cannot possibly match the actual places themselves, so I turn to my travel snaps to act as the most reliable sources. Safe to say I am a big proponent of taking as many pictures as you can while you're on vacations. There is nothing wrong and everything right about being shamelessly touristy while you're being — that's right — A TOURIST.

The rainbow-coloured houses on the island of Burano, Italy

Use a techy camera, use your phone camera — it doesn't matter. What matters more is storing that moment away in your digital collection, forever. I personally appreciate scrolling through my own Instagram pics for reminiscing purposes so I give myself extra points if I could make a photo Instagram-worthy. (And so should you!)

It's tricky to find the balance between "being in the moment" and forever capturing the said moment with a camera, I know, but it's a skill worth sharpening!

The photos in this post allow me to look back on some of the incredible backdrops to my outfit shoots Shah and I had the privilege of snapping. Honestly, my next vacation can't come soon enough!

Among the Great Wall of China crowd

Visiting Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta

Checking out the frozen waterfall at Nami Island, South Korea

Exploring Milan's quaint streets

Breathing in the fresh air at Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia (as fresh as a cattle farm could smell like, that is!)

Shanghai Disneyland's unique castle front

Venice's gorgeous canals and adjacent little buildings

An eccentric square in Nice, France

China's own "Venice", Zhouzhuang Water Village near Shanghai

I have SO MANY dream destinations on my bucket list; I'm not a beach person but even so, Maldives and Fiji are on that list! I'm not opposed to going back to some of the cities I've visited either, like Bruges and Barcelona.

Which cities are your dream destinations?


  1. I'm so envious of your plentiful opportunities to visit so many wonderful locations. Your life is very rich because of your exposure to so many peoples and cultures and I know how greatly you appreciate these many gifts of knowledge and experience.
    Gosh LIYANA, I'd just love to sit over many cups of coffee/tea and hear your travel adventure stories. :-) Love, Jude

    1. My dear Judy I would absolutely LOVE to sit down with you to hear all of your pearls of wisdom and life experiences. Someday perhaps, someday <3


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