Eid al-Fitr 2019 2nd Day Outfit: Beaded Rainbow Patterned Caftan from Madinah

I absolutely love the paisley print white beaded caftan my mother-in-law bought for me from Mecca on her umrah trip years ago. Honestly, before I was going on the umrah trip myself, I did envision buying a few black abayas (I genuinely love those decorated super-black abayas) but I never imagined about the possibility of stumbling upon a fancy caftan like that white one.

I was really excited that I did, except instead of in Mecca, I found this beautiful dark blue patterned caftan nestled in a narrow corner in a tiny shop in Madinah. (You could see a photo of me shopping in that exact shop in this Madinah Photo Diary post!)

The intricate beads around the rich green neckline are such a gorgeous addition to the rainbow circle patterns on the dark navy blue background, so I chose to highlight that green with my hijab. My baby niece loved the colourful round patterns so much that she called this caftan the "donut dress" — donut being one of her favourite things ever, so I'll take that as the best compliment ever!

In Malaysia, Eid is pretty much celebrated for the entire month of Syawal, which comes after the fasting month of Ramadhan. I wore the jewel-toned baju kurung on Eid while celebrating with Shah's family, but Eid celebration in my hometown with my own family deserves an equally special outfit too so thank God for this beautiful caftan!

But which of the two Eid outfits do you like more: the jewel-toned baju kurung or this beaded navy caftan?

Wearing: Zara leather mules  |  Aldo pom pom bag

I did buy a few black abayas while I was in Mecca and Madinah! I haven't shot any of them so in the meantime, here are some of my current faves; click on each image to see the abaya up close:


    1. I love the colorful "donuts" scattered across this GEM of a caftan!! This multi-print caftan is such a unique treasure!
      Your celebrations of Ramadan and Eid are beautiful opportunities to acquire very special and memorable gowns and you really rise to these occasions so well Liyana! Love, Jude

      1. Thank you, Judy <3 I do certainly try my best to make my Eid outfits a little special, different than other days of the year. This caftan definitely fits the bill for me. But I also know it's something that I can wear again and again, which makes it even more special (just like the white caftan that you like!).

    2. I prefer your colorful kaftans! They're so popping and fun. Black seems engulfing to my eyes but then again, perhaps, you'd choose something with a bit of texture, sheen or adornment to make the black ones stand out in the Liyana type of flair. Heh. I love how cozy the rainbow kaftan looks on you and that pretty shoes, I've seen them ones and I will never forget! Gorgeous accompaniment to your dress. You look sooo radiant. Happy belated Eid to you :D xoxo

      1. Thank you, thank you, Shanaz! I absolutely adore this caftan, so I'm glad you like it too. I actually forgot what shoes I paired this caftan with and had to look again, good thing I put a photo with one foot peeking out, haha. I totally understand how black wouldn't be preferable to some. And yes, you're guessed right, I DO choose an all-black abaya dresses with texture/sheen/adornment, and there were so seas of them in Mekah and Madinah. Such a unique shopping experience for me!


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