Why Jumpsuits Are Not My Jam (But This One Might Be) | Checked Blazered Jumpsuit

One fact about me: I am very, VERY picky about jumpsuits. Despite wearing jumpsuits a few times on this blog, I've only kept two jumpsuits in my closet (a grey striped one and this loose, flowy black jumpsuit that's my absolute favourite), and have gotten rid of the rest. I haven't bought any in years, really.

Until I saw this grey checked jumpsuit, that is, and my lust broke through my willpower. My guess as to why it happened: it has a blazer-like front at the top. You guys know I'm a sucker for blazers! I mean, that has to be the reason.

The main reason I don't go for jumpsuits: most of them just have an awkward fitting on me. You'd think long-sleeved jumpsuits would totally be my jam as a hijabi, but, nope; I struggle with finding good jumpsuits that suit my style because most of them are generally not modest enough for me around the hip and bottom area.

I love seeing women confidently strutting around the fashion week scenes in figure-hugging jumpsuits though, so I suppose I usually just live vicariously through those women most of the times.

But with this "blazered", checked jumpsuit, with a less fitted silhouette as a result of going a size up, I'm fine over here pretending I'm part of the street-stylers crowd.

Are you a fan of jumpsuits yourself?
Perhaps you too, find some most jumpsuits awkward, like myself?

Wearing: Mango grey checked jumpsuit  |  Zara black suede mules  |  Mirrorcle ring bag (folded as a clutch)



  1. Oh this is SO sophisticated and cool LIYANA!! I love it from top to toe and you in it!!!
    This grey window pane plaid will be great for the Fall and Winter months as well. I think it will have versatility worn open to the waist, with a turtle neck or blouse beneath it as well! You'll still be modestly covered too! This is a definite favorite LIYANA!!
    Love, Jude

    1. Ahhh so happy you like this outfit and approved, Judy! <3

      Didn't occur to me to try it with it unbuttoned, will see if that can be done! Next time I wear this I'll try to add one or even two pops of colours, too; black was just the safest choice for me at the time because this jumpsuit was a somewhat daring option for me. I definitely want to try it with sneakers next time too, make it more casual!

  2. I've always wanted to try a breezy jumpsuit but you're right about the awkward fitting situation. I guess it's hard to know unless you're shopping for it at the store as you get to feel how it fits. I can see why you chose this sassy one-piece, though! Yes, it's got that blazer look and another reason is the print! I've seen you wear this gingham-y type of print and nailed it! And your mules, aaaah, you always pick the best ones! Have a lovely week ahead girl :D xoxo

    1. I wouldn't have given the jumpsuit a second look if it weren't for the blazer-style and print, for sure. I wonder if you've worn jumpsuits on your blog? You would look hawt in one babe!


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