Abaya Baby

Not my usual ripped jeans and sneakers outfit, this one!
So, remember when I talked about not having clothes at all for my trip back to Shah's hometown? This black abaya and matching shawl set was another outfit that Shah and I had hastily purchased the night we arrived, at this pop-up stall in a mall nearby his parents' house, which had racks and racks of abayas from Madinah and Dubai. 
I actually love these head-to-toe abaya sets - which I think might surprise some people - but honestly, I think I just love the elegant simplicity of it all; I especially fell hard for the understated purple studs in this particular set.
Honestly if I could bring ten pairs of shoes every time I travel I would, because my black monk shoes with this abaya is not the most ideal match that ever existed, but since the other two shoes I brought were my leopard-print and white slip-ons (I kept saying to myself "REALLY LIYANA OF ALL YOUR CUTE SHOES YOU BRING THESE?"), and I didn't have time to shop for shoes, my monk shoes would have to do!
Wearing: Aldo monk shoes


  1. It s a very chique abaya! Would you normally wear heels under it?

    1. Thank you! Not necessarily heels, but perhaps a daintier, more feminine ballte flats?

  2. OK Now I'm curious about how an abaya is different or special?? Are they open like a coat, requiring some type of long dress beneath? Is the dress sold with the outer garment as a set?
    Your pal, Jude

    1. I always talk about abaya in the general term: a generally loose dress that goes from neck to feet. I'm not quit sure if different parts of the world have actual names for the different style, to be honest!

      This purple-stones one in particular is one dress but APPEARS as a two-piece; the black underneath that opening is attached to the "coat".

      Abayas are kind of diverse like how, say, skirts are (but not quite as diverse when it comes to length, of course!), as in the materials could differ from abaya to abaya, as well the colour (or colours) and style.

      If you're interested to look back and compare (it's OK if you don't!), here are the different abayas I've worn on this blog:
      -this red printed one
      this tied one
      - this green abaya made from cotton and has buttons
      - a voluminous black abaya that looks very much like a normal voluminous dress


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