Not my usual ripped jeans and sneakers outfit, this one!
So, remember when I talked about not having clothes at all for my trip back to Shah's hometown? This black abaya and matching shawl set was another outfit that Shah and I had hastily purchased the night we arrived, at this pop-up stall in a mall nearby his parents' house, which had racks and racks of abayas from Madinah and Dubai. 
I actually love these head-to-toe abaya sets - which I think might surprise some people - but honestly, I think I just love the elegant simplicity of it all; I especially fell hard for the understated purple studs in this particular set.
Honestly if I could bring ten pairs of shoes every time I travel I would, because my black monk shoes with this abaya is not the most ideal match that ever existed, but since the other two shoes I brought were my leopard-print and white slip-ons (I kept saying to myself "REALLY LIYANA OF ALL YOUR CUTE SHOES YOU BRING THESE?"), and I didn't have time to shop for shoes, my monk shoes would have to do!
Wearing: Aldo monk shoes