The 'Pyjama' Top My Mother-In-law Surprisingly Liked (& Wanted For Herself)

My mother-in-law and I have very different tastes when it comes to fashion. Most of the times, my sense of style borders on casual ragged, when she would like me to dress more sweet and feminine. Her choice of shades are exclusively deep, bold jewel tones (which I adore, yes), while soft pastel colours do not impress her; I remember showing a soft bluish grey abaya dress that I was going to wear for a wedding before she politely asked, "Do you......have anything else to wear?"

Also: she prefers lots and LOTS of bling.

The one thing that truly sets us apart? She doesn't like the colour black (gasp!) while I cannot live without the most versatile colour in the world.

Another important thing to know about my MIL: she dresses to impress, and impress she does a lot.

As different as our tastes are, there are times when our preferences merged. Like this white caftan she bought for me that she thought I'd loved, which I truly treasure. She also approves some of my beloved matching sets.

And, surprisingly, she is really into this oversized printed pyjama-inspired top I just threw on top of jeans and sneakers — so much that she asked me to buy it for her if I ever see a copy.

Let's do a recap of why I thought she wouldn't be a fan of this pyjama top:
1) It literally looks like a pyjama top. Casual ragged at its best, pretty much, no?
2) It is VERY BLACK.

Just goes to show that when you thought you knew a person, well, maybe you don't after all.
Or maybe our tastes are just rubbing off on each other, after almost 10 years being in each other's lives!

Wearing: Warehouse pyjama inspired top  |  Mango two-toned jeans  |  Issey Miyake BaoBao tote  |  Adidas Relace Low sneakers


  1. I LOVE the relationship you have with your mother in law!!
    Clearly you're inspiring her to move beyond her comfort zone in both style and color.
    I too think your PJ jacket is cool and sweet (floral print) all at the same time. What's more eclectic and interesting than a darling, floral, print in black! Love, Jude

    1. I definitely scored in the mother-in-law department - thankfully! Perhaps I AM inspiring her fashion-wise, haha! It would be so cool to see her walking around in a pyjama-inspo top like this, so I'm looking for a similar one right now - or I might just give this top to her one day, why not?


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