Sorbet Ombre Caftan with The Sweetest Pearl Sewn Scarf

OK, let's talk about this sorbet ombre caftan. Guys, I LOVE THIS CAFTAN. I bought it in 2014 when I paired it with a printed scarf for Eid, and has been wearing it many times since. I then matched the caftan with a soft pink hijab for a wedding in 2016 (in which I matched this caftan with the EXACT same bag, yes).

Wore it again and again outside the blog, until I reached a point where I felt like I've got to stop wearing the caftan to each wedding and whatever fancy event I get invited to, or run the risk of people thinking I don't own any other nice outfit!

A green-themed solemnization party last month seemed like the perfect time to fish it out of the depth of my closet but I was dismayed to see the stretchy material starting to wear off; there were a few spots of faint discolouration, and I could see certain parts of the caftan losing its stretchability and forming odd tiny bumps. They're hard to see unless I physically point them out to you in real-life, but I'm still so bummed about the fact that I won't be able to keep this caftan around for my use forever.

But in the meantime, before it just completely decays, I'm just going to enjoy having it around!

A little background on this outfit's story: My family and I — plus a whole bunch of our extended paternal family — went to the city of Pekanbaru in Indonesia last month over a long weekend for our cousin's wedding. It was the furthest we've ever travelled for a wedding, but anything for the love of our extended family!

It's normal for the families of each the bride and groom to have a "colour theme" for their outfits during a wedding event. For the solemnization, mint green was decided for our family's side — the groom's — and this sorbets-hued ombre caftan was the closest thing in my closet I could wear to fit into the theme.

Adding a green scarf definitely helped make me look more "on-theme" overall, and that's where this faux pearl-sewn scarf came in. It actually belonged to one of my cousins that I pinched years ago (lucky me because dang I'd never buy a scarf that expensive!) but never worn. After having it on in Indonesia, I am officially in love with how delicate and sweet the scarf is.

It'd be interesting to see how I wear the scarf with usual casual ragged outfits, wont' it?

Wearing: A very old caftan from Subang Parade  |  Zara white leather mules  |  Issey Miyake Bao Bao tote


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