When The Main Attraction Of The Outfit Is Not The Star

Don't get me wrong: I do really like this tied oversized striped white denim jacket (phew that's a mouthful). Big fan of stripes and of denim jackets here — especially oversized ones and especially tied oversized denim jackets.

My guess is this particular tied oversized striped white denim jacket (copy pasted from above) is probably the first thing people would notice when they see this outfit on me. On the account that it's, well, intentionally oversized — like I'm swimming in it — making it hard to miss.

But the thing is, the star of this outfit for me wouldn't be the jacket, no. There are actually three stars according to my (personal style) book, and they are:

1) That adorable lilac beaded bag

Beaded bags were made famous by the brand Shrimps, which I thought were cute and all, sure, but I wasn't comfortable shelling out that much on a bag — especially on a bag that I would have to buy online. Seeing knockoff after knockoff didn't sway me at all either.
That is, until I laid my eyes on this sweet lil but sturdy one.

2) Those off white mules

I clearly have an obsession with mules (ask my mom and little sister, who constantly made fun of my "slipper shoes"), but these are on another level. The block heels! The high V-cut! The off white shade! All the exclamation marks!

3) These light wash jeans

As a hijabi who no longer gives skinny jeans another glance, I am constantly on the lookout for wider-cut jeans with a flattering fit. I could feel my heart singing when I tried these light wash jeans in the fitting room (considering how much yo gurl also loves some good frayed action in jeans!).

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

My star(s) might not be your choice of star, of course, so which do you pick as the star of today's outfit?

Wearing: Monki tied oversized striped white denim jacket  |  Zara frayed straight jeans  |  BFF The Label mules (from Tangs Empire)  |  Skinnydip Penelope Lilac beaded bag (from Topshop)
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  1. Your beautiful face my friend! Love, Jude

    1. Oh always so sweet, Judy, thank youuu <3


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