My Love For LOVE ('LOVE' Monogram Denim Kinomo Top, That Is.)

Did you read the post where I first wore this LOVE monogram denim kimono top? Weird thing is, I know right now my thoughts should be alongside the line of "My God what was I thinking, wanting another denim kimono top when I already had this adorable one", but, uh, well, I'll be honest: if I were to go to & Other Stories tomorrow and see that very same plain denim kimono top on the rack, I would a hundred percent buy it because dang it I have the budget for it now and that top will be mine, guys.

PS: Still all very hypothetical, by the way (and not just because & Other Stories stores don't exist here in Malaysia — that top was also in store months ago).

As of now I am still the happy owner of this one single denim kimono top. Still loving it as much as when I first got it, too! I don't know what it is about this monogram top but I feel amazing in it when it's on me.

On this particular day, I decided to give its matching denim pants a rest and went with my crop white jeans instead, and also went all lady-like with my black double-ribbon satin mules and a white clutch. I honestly cannot decide which of the two outfits I prefer more, but this just makes me excited about how to style the top for the third time for Affordorable in the future.

I've got to ask you, though:
do you prefer the first outfit with the quirky Playnomore pink bag + white sneakers or do you like this lady-like ensemble more?

Wearing: H&M LOVE monogram denim kimono tied top  |  Pull & Bear grey t-shirt  |  Mango white crop jeans  |  Issey Miyake Baobao clutch  |  Zara satin ribbon mules

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  1. This is a super cute outfit Liyana. You are so chic, I swear I'm a tad bit envious at how effortlessly you can throw an outfit together. I love the denim kimono, its such a cute look on you.

    1. Oh Gigi, thank you so, so much! Can I just tell you, it's never effortless when I try to dress up to go out for a photoshoot day, but I am flattered that you think it appears that way!

      I absolutely love the kimono, it's one of my favourite things in my closet right now =D

  2. I WANT this kimono!!! The fabric is just wonderful!!!It's so very unique and sends the universally right message.
    I think I like it with the matching pants equally well!

    1. I do hope you find it! I was really excited to now the top came with matching pants as well, such a gem in my opinion. And yes, the message on it makes the piece even more special <3

  3. You've inspired me to pull out my own denim tie-waist top today! I love how you've styled yours and loooove the pattern on it, still.

    1. Thank you so much Katia! I'm so flattered I was able to inspire someone by an outfit, because I get inspired by a lot of people I follow online too. And yes, the pattern is so special in my opinion!


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