A couple of weekends ago my younger sister and brother and I managed to catch the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra playing scores from the Harry Potter movies (!!!) at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. I've been to DFP plenty of times with my music teacher when I was younger (used to play the piano, fyi) but it wasn't until the year 2014 when I caught the symphony on Disney/Pixar movies' songs that I truly appreciated seeing/listening to a live orchestra.

Unless it's classical music guys — I just do NOT have the ears for that kind of music. Just pop culture jams for me, merci!

I always see it as an opportunity for dressing up, as I first did so in 2014 wearing a powder blue blazer + jumpsuit, and this time was no exception. Obviously I've loved blazers for a long time but a while ago I entered this full-on blazer phase that I don't think I will ever come out from — nor do I want to — because blazers are super cool and super cute and versatile as heck.

Full disclosure: I even wore another blazer the last time I was at DFP last year. Honestly guys, it really feels like I do not own these blazers but

Funny story though, that time last year that I went to DFP was to listen to the orchestra playing classical music but I bailed halfway through with my mom and my sister to have a late lunch instead (I remember it was dim sum, mmm). Shah finished listening to the whole thing though, such a trooper!
(Thankfully our tickets were discounted, if they weren't we would have just soldiered through too.)

Also, I still haven't figured out the difference between orchestra, philharmonic, and symphony. But let's just conclude with this: I like listening to a live orchestra playing pop culture jams, whatever that's called.

Check out: the houndstooth blazer + high-waist pants ensemble I wore last year to DFP

The tickets to see the orchestra are not exactly cheap so it's not a regular occurence for us, we're not that fancy, really. But Shah, my siblings and I have our eyes on another symphony this year so I will definitely share the outfit from that one if I get to go to that one, ahhh!

And yes, let's not rule out another blazer-centred outfit, shall we?

Wearing: Topshop checked blazer  |  Pull & Bear t-shirt  |  Bershka wide-leg pants  |  Kate Spade "Hello Tokyo" clutch  |  Zara suede mules  |  Lovisa earrings

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