The first time I put this blazer on in the fitting room, I was racking my brain for a life form that closely resembles the ruffle blooms on both sides of the sleeves. And then it hit me: coral reefs
The ruffles look like coral reefs, guys.
But then, on second thought, they also seem more like the lace-y folding decorative fans I used to play around with when I was a little girl, that I either found in local touristy stores or in an aunty or a grandma's handbag...I mean, they really do look like those fancy fans, amirite?
However way you see the ruffles situation here, only one thing you should know: I am totally feeling the weird detailing that snake upwards from above my wrist, making a U-turn somewhere along the way and winding back down towards the end of the sleeves.

See the post in which my Coral Reef Blazer first made an appearance: When Ruffles Take Over Your Sleeves (and hopefully we will see me wearing this blazer as I envisioned it in the near future!).

Wearing: Zara ruffles blazer  |  H&M frayed crop asymmetrical jeans  |  Topshop mules

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