I don't think my younger sister Rina and I look that much alike but, OK, I can also understand why strangers who are meeting us for the first time would think so. In fact, this month holds the record for the month in which the highest number of strangers asked if we were twins — a thing that started happening about three years ago, by the way, so I guess we started looking like each other when she turned 24.

I'd reply to them asking with "No, we're sisters", which would always invite the following question: "Who's older?". Rina likes to make them guess the answer, and some people would boldly answer but some would just quit playing because, really, it's too great of a risk to offend the younger one if you say the older one is the younger one, people.

Rina wore this sweet demure outfit to the Harry Potter orchestra with me few weekends ago while I wore my checked blazer and slacks. The story is, I found this skirt on the sales rack and thought it was so pretty. It was a size smaller than I'm used to but since it the jersey material felt stretchy enough, I was sure I could fit into it.

And I totally did, except I looked like a Kardashian. Don't get me wrong, I think the Kardashians (and Jenners) are all beautiful women, but their style aesthetic doesn't exactly fit with my modest outlook, does it?

So the skirt got to go home with Rina instead (who's about two sizes smaller than me) and until today Rina still enjoys rubbing her score in my face, because that's what sisters do to each other.

The thing is, she and I rarely go for the same piece when we're out shopping together but this jersey skirt is one of the rare ones that we both agree would be a great addition to our wardrobe collection. This time though, it was her luck and not mine!

Besides, the skirt does look good on her anyway so as the generous, loving big sis, I'll give her the win.

Rina Wearing: Zara red jersey skirt  |  Zara slip-ons  |  Kate Spade bag

Here are more pieces on which Rina and I both have in our respective closet: striped blazer, polka dot ruffle top (which is actually hers that I've borrowed), and a geometric dress. Click on each image to see them in action!
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